Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five

You guys. Aside from my constant migraines, anxiety attacks, and insomnia,  this week honestly was such a good week! I feel like this was the most productive week have had since we got married! We were seriously adults between getting our home loan stuff taken care of, home owners insurance and everything in between, we killed it! 

o n e. 
my photography business is finally getting some notice! I have booked 15 sessions and got my first two referrals! I am so excited and hope to only keep going from this! So, if you are ever in this area or I am passing through yours, I would love to take pictures for my bloggy friends!

t w o.
so I, without researching too much, jumped on the "Mono Box" train last month and was absolutely disgusted and disappointed in the lack of items and lack of quality of items I received. I did some research and found a different monogram subscription box, Frogs and Frills and I am in LOVE! 

t h r e e. 
so, we got our wedding videos a few weeks ago. it is an HOUR and a HALF long! How crazy!? But, I am so thankful that we will have that to look back on! Obviously, 90 minutes is a bit long to put on youtube so our fabulous Photo/Video team made a "teaser" video for youtube and you is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I have honestly watched it 20 times since they put it up on Tuesday night. Due to some copywriter law, it is blocking me from a actually putting it on here but I obviously I HAD to share it with you so, here is your 11 minute teaser of our fairy tale day! 

f o u r.
I made an impulse trip to TJ Maxx earlier this week and found the most adorable Sam Edelman crossbody bag for only $24. I have been on the hunt for a new cross body and this one is just EVERYTHING. the fringe, the beading, the size-all the heart eyes.

f i ve.
I have been experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and I found J's new favorite dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes-yum! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Make Up Revolution Blush Palette Review

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and kept seeing side bar ads for Make Up Revolution. Usually I ignore side bar ads but this one, I couldn't resist. I went to the website and was in awe over the price points, selection and colors. I ordered four palettes-hey, you gotta try several products before deciding if the brand is worth while or not. 

Anyways, my favorite palette of the ones I ordered was the Blush Palette. I have to say, I am not totally sure why they call this a blush palette because there is a mix of highlighters, blushes, and bronzers. 

first thing is first, packaging. I don't know about you but packaging can make or break a product for me. I hate buying products in cheap packaging because I travel so much and, we all know what a buzzkill broken makeup can be. I have to say, this is totally not the best packaging I have ever seen but it seems to be durable. It is a black plastic casing with a really nice full sized mirror. 

C O L O R + C O L O R P A Y O F F 
like I said, this palette comes with a mix of highlighters, blushes and bronzers. the 
highlighters (far left top and bottom) are baked
the two blushes (second and third top) are marbled 
the merged blushes and bronzers (second and third bottom) are baked
the bronzers (far right top and bottom) are matte. 

the shimmer in the highlighters are no joke. the shimmer of the blushes really worried me at first but, once they have been applied and blended out they are simply gorgeous. the bronzers are a bit light for my skin tone so I have been using them as a light contour color before going in with a darker one. 

W E AR + Q U A L I T Y
the longevity of the highlighters and blush are amazing. definitely a good 8 hours worth of wear. the product is also very high quality. there is barely any fallout when applying. For just $8 you can't beat it! 

F I N A L T H O U G H T S 
I am a total fan! Since I received this palette is has been a go-to. I am still playing around with the other products I purchased but I am very happy with this one! 

Have you used any Make Up Revolution products before?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

From Runge to Ricker: Girls Getting Glammed {Pt. 19}

Welcome back for another Wedding Wednesday Y'all! 
This week is all about the girls. Our wedding day started off real early for us-630 am, to be exact. I decided that having hair and makeup come to the venue would be much less stressful than having to run all over town to get ready. Our venue has a gorgeous area upstairs which is fittingly titled "The Bridal Suite" after a quick stop to Starbucks for the super cliche-yet necessary wedding party cups, we headed to the venue. When we got there, they had a little breakfast station set up for us and it was so relaxing. We turned on some music and started getting glammed up! 

*stay tuned for details on our personalized Snapchat filter in a few weeks!*

How did you and your girls get ready?!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stitch Fix #1 Reveal+ A NEW LINK UP!

So, if you have been around here a while, you will know that I have tried Stitch Fix twice in the past and had horrible luck. I followed all the "tips" people suggested and it was just a joke. However, last month, Stitch Fix contacted me and asked me if I would give them another try. They informed me that they changed how they did the orders on their end and they were confident that they could make me a happy customer. I obliged so, I am currently on a 3 month trial period with them. During this three months, I will be receiving 6 boxes. 

Basically, I got so fed up after 12 boxes (5 one time and 7 the other) that I stopped the service. I felt like my "style quiz" and "note to styler" message were not being read or taken into consideration. I don't like spending money on items that are not versatile. I like to be able to go into my closet and see what I can and can't pair with something and be done with it. I usually don't have the time to be trying outfits on over and over because one piece is too unique. 

What is Stitch Fix?
If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, it is an online clothing store and personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee (which is taken out of your bank account when your Fix ships), you can have five personally selected pieces shipped right to your door. These pieces are selected by your personal stylist, who carefully reviews a "style profile" that you create. The $20 will be credited towards whatever pieces you decided to keep from your Fix. Things that you don't want are placed in a pre-paid mailer and sent back. If you end up wanting to keep all of your items, the $20 styling fee will go towards your end total as will a 25% discount. 

Stitch Fix encourages you to try on every item because they usually send items you would not pick on your own so, they want you to see it on rather than just holding it up. When you "check out" online after receiving your fix, you tell them which items you are keeping and give detailed reviews of each item to help better your next fix. It will ask you what you liked/didn't like about the fit, style, and pattern. 

My Fix:
this is what I received this time around. 

Items 1 and 2: RETURNED
1: Papermoon Sheydon Trim Detail Blouse $44
I did really like the print and style of this top however, it was a bit tight under the arms. I would have kept it if it fit correctly. 
2: Pistola Distressed Frayed Skinny Jeans $88
I hated the bottom of these. They were frayed and looked tacky so I rolled them up a bit. I did like them but, $88 for a pair of jeans? give me a break!
3: Gilli Haven Textured Knit Dress $64
I am SO upset that this has polka dots on it. I hate polka dots. I think they are extremely juvenile however, this was the best fitting and most comfortable dress I have ever put on! I wish more than anything that it was a different print or solid color! 

Item 4: KEPT
4: Papermoon Etsie Textured Knit Dress $74
The color, cut, and style of this dress is just everything to me! I do want to get it hemmed a bit though because I do not like to wear dresses that cut at or below my knees. 

5: Octavia Jolene Zipper Flap Crossbody $48
I did really enjoy the color of this bag but, it isn't super practical and the price was too high for me. 

Lynn was my stylist and I have to say, I am still not impressed. She claimed that the polka dot dress was an easy to style "neutral dress"...what about blatant polka dots is neutral?? Everything else was sub par in my opinion other than the Cobalt blue dress I am keeping. One box down, eleven to go for Stitch Fix to prove me wrong! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I am so excited to bring y'all a new Link Up!

Ashley from Girl Talk, Leah from Chasing Texas and I have created a new monthly fitness link up! The link up is appropriately titled "Sweat It Out". We want you to link up any fitness related (goals, work out routines, diet progress, tips/tricks) or healthy food related posts on the first Tuesday of each month!

Don't forget to grab our button+  link up your work out/healthy food related posts with us Next Tuesday: May 3
Girl Talk

Will we see you linking up next Tuesday?

What do you all think of the items I was sent? Do you use Stitch Fix? How have your experiences been? 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Solidarity Sister: Cat from Kitty Kitty La La

First off, you may be wondering what the heck a Solidarity Sister is. Believe me, that was me a few months ago. I saw all of these bloggers posting about it so I finally did some research and found out. Solidarity Sisters is a collaboration of bloggers getting to know one another one-on-one. Susannah from Simple Moments Stick is the master mind behind this genius idea. 

Week 17: Becoming a Better You

Welcome Back to Week 17 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge
This week is on becoming a better you. This could mean a variety of different ideas from being more of a morning person to learning to deal with stress better. For me though, this is going to be on my personal health.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five

Happy Friday loves! 
This week started off a little rocky but thankfully turned around pretty quickly. I feel like I was also kind of running around with my head cut off. When I first got my planner, I was so good at keeping up with it and making sure everything was down and that I referred to it. This week however, I was a hot mess. Between everything that is going on with our house buying status, my photography business and just life itself, this week was a crazy one. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

10 Beauty Mistakes We All Make

There are so many beauty tips and tricks out there it is kind of overwhelming. However, there are a lot of 'faux pas' made by myself, you, beauty gurus, and professional make up artists. I am here to help you stop making these mistakes! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

From Runge to Ricker: Meet the Wedding Party {Pt. 18}

Happy Wednesday! 

I figured that before I continue photo dumping wedding pictures on y'all, you should probably meet our fabulous wedding party! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Orange Vodka Mojito [Recipe]

Spring has sprung so for me, that means it is time to bring on the fruity icy cocktails. I mean, I guess you could say that in Florida, it is always time for an on the rocks type of a drink (even in the dead of "winter") but there is just something about the spring that makes fruity drinks that much tastier. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 16: You May Not Know...

Welcome Back to Week 16 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge.
This week is all about things you may not know. I try to reintroduce myself every three months because I want to connect with my readers and allow new ones to get to know me.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Doin' Big Things on Friday

Happy Friday lovelies! 

I hope you all have been having a great week! I started my week off in Massachusetts so this week has been a bit crazy. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

You Might Be a Blogger If..

Y'all have no idea how excited I am to share this post with you! As bloggers we all have some...quirks that non-bloggers may not fully understand. It has taken me so long to get this up because every time I go to hit "publish" I think of a new one! With that, I give you:

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

From Runge to Ricker: The Rehearsal {Pt. 17}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today is all about the night before our big day! 
Our rehearsal started at 4pm on that Friday. Before hand, Johns momma, my maid of honor, our junior bridesmaid and myself were running around picking up my dress, getting our nails done, and doing some last minute errands. By the time 4pm rolled around I had happy teared up about 20 times and I was so anxious for the real thing! 

getting everyone in their spots

dry run of our ceremony script

John's Dad, Grandparents, Owen and Keegan
Keegan, J, John's Grandad, and Owen

Papa Runge, Momma and Megan

After the formal rehearsal, we ventured down the road a bit to our dinner for food, gifts, and lots of laughs and happy tears! 
Some of our gorgeous wedding party

The Grooms Cake

The Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids and Flower Girl
The Ring Bearer with all the ladies 

Papa Runge 

After the Rehearsal the girls and I just wanted to relax before such a big day. We went back to the hotel we had our room at and hung out by the pool. We were in the hot tub for most of the night then decided to do a Florida "Polar Plunge" into the chilly pool! 

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