10 Beauty Mistakes We All Make

There are so many beauty tips and tricks out there it is kind of overwhelming. However, there are a lot of 'faux pas' made by myself, you, beauty gurus, and professional make up artists. I am here to help you stop making these mistakes! 

1. not washing your brushes. 
how often you wash your brushes depends on how often you use them. I typically have a full face of make up on 5-6 days a week. I personally wash my  brushes every 8 days. I can tell when I need to because the application of my foundation isn't as smooth and flawless and the bristles start to shed. washing your brushes is really important because your brush picks up the oils and bacteria from your face. 

2. trying foundation on the back of your hand. 
I actually just found this out last week when I ran into Ulta. I was sampling foundations and the Ulta lady said that your hand is often darker than your face from driving-the sun hits it through your windows. You should actually test it on your jawline. 

3. sleeping in your makeup. 
I try so hard not to do this. I have actually been doing really well. However, in college when I would go out drinking, I would come home and just want to crash. I always keep a package of makeup wipes by my bed just incase I am having an extra lazy night. Obviously it isn't as good as a full face cleansing but, better than nothing! 

4. lining your lips. 
hello 90's. unless you're going for the JLo circa Jenny From the Block days, skip the lined lips. Instead, use liner as a filler. After you apply your liquid lipstick, use the liner to clean up edges and fill in empty space for a lasting look! 

5. waterproof mascara all day, err day.
Waterproof mascara is super drying to your lashes. Also, since it is waterproof and hard to get off, you are most likely rubbing your eyes and lashes significantly more than with regular mascara causing more loss of lashes. 

6. skipping the setting. 
setting powder+spray are essential. if you just apply your make up, the elements can make it a goopy, slick mess. especially in florida, you could walk out 100% glam and in 5 minutes be a mess. 

7. curling after applying.
when curling your lashes, it is pointless and harmful to do it after a mascara application. when you curl after applying, the curler can stick to your lashes and pull them out. Also, the curler gets filled with crusty mascara-gross! 

8. acetone to polish.
if your nail tech does this, stop them! have you ever been at a salon and picked out a color, the nail tech starts to paint your nails and then sees the color is almost empty? What they need to do it throw it out and have you pick a new one. However, some salons feel like adding acetone to the almost empty polish is the cure. When they do this, they are able to get a full mani amount of polish. However, you will notice your mani starting to chip insanely fast. this is because the acetone breaks down polish-hence why we use it when we are ready to remove a color. 

9. denying the lifespan of your makeup. 
make up is like food in a way when it comes to expiation. liquid make up-especially eye make up should be watched carefully. if a mascara starts to seize or clump in the tube, you should probably chuck it. powders have a life span too but you can be a bit more flexible on those. Remember that all your oil and bacteria from day to day application starts to build up. 

10. not washing your hands. 
I am going to be real with you. I think it is bs when people get all up in arms with out makeup enthusiasts using their fingers to apply make up. if you are experienced with the Colourpop shadows, you will know that for proper application you have to use your fingers. I think it is okay to use your fingers as long as you make sure you wash your hands really well prior to applying and anytime you touch a surface, your hair, etc. wash them again. 

so, are you guilty of any of these? 


  1. I had to laugh at #8 because I went to cosmetology school and the instructors made us do exactly that with nearly empty nail polish bottles. I didn't want to, and I'd usually try to go beg the nice instructor for a new bottle. Don't blame the techs, blame the management, ha! They can be stingy with the beauty supplies...

  2. Great tips - some of them I used to do wrong, like testing foundation on the back of my hand, or sleeping with makeup on (my teenage years), but I pretty much got it figured out according to these. I think it is super important to wash your brushes regularly and to wash your Hands!

  3. I am so guilty of not washing my brushes enough!! And I had no idea about the acetone and nail polish! I have seen them do that so many times! Sleeping in my makeup is one thing I never do, not because I know it is bad for you but I hate the feeling of my face after a long day and the first thing I usually do when I get home is go straight to the bathroom and take it off!

  4. Super guilty about not washing my brushes. It is just a drag. So many! Recently I started noticing some major breakouts on my skin and I couldn't figure out why since I hadn't changed anything in my beauty or skin care routine. Then I realized it was probably my brushed and was kind of grossed out when I realized how long it had been since I had last washed them.

  5. Definitely guilty of not taking my makeup off after a night with a few too many drinks - not so much now but in college all the time. I try really hard to never do it! Also guilty of not washing my brushes enough but trying to get better about that too!

  6. I am guilty of some of these! I've always curled after I applied mascara but it makes sense why you shouldn't! And lining my lips-I do that sometimes but now i'll do it the way you suggested. I can't wait to see the difference! This post was super helpful! Thanks Doll!

  7. seriously great minds think alike because I have a post scheduled for makeup mistakes. lol

  8. Good to know about the acetone! I never use setting spray but sounds like it's pretty important especially since I live in Florida!

  9. It's embarrassing how long I go without washing my brushes and I need to get better about this! On my list of things to do/find is a setting spray. I've never used one but keep hearing they're a must. -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  10. I am guilty of a few of these but I have gotten so much better about it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  11. I actually curl my lashes after mascara actually, haha. It's the only way I can get my lashes to stay curled. But, I always wait a full 20 minutes before I curl them and make sure that its completely dry so it doesn't rip off my lashes!

  12. I am pretty good about taking off my makeup but cleaning my brushes... I don't wear makeup that often but the brushes that I use on an everyday basis I need to clean more often!

  13. I think I have fallen asleep in my makeup a couple of times and NEVER again!!
    Jess from Beautiful Breakable

  14. I'm so bad with wearing waterproof mascara all the time! It's all I buy and I definitely need to stop wearing it so often and save it for beach trips. I always forget that it's not a good regular habit.


  15. I love these. I'm just learning how to do a decent job at makeup (just pathetic st 24) and so I was really interested to read these. Any suggestions for a setting spray?

  16. I'm making a valiant effort to be better about washing my brushes! Once a week so far in April and hoping it's becoming a habit. As someone who battles a be {still} I'm doing everything I can to help kick it.


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