Friday Five

Happy Friday loves! 
This week started off a little rocky but thankfully turned around pretty quickly. I feel like I was also kind of running around with my head cut off. When I first got my planner, I was so good at keeping up with it and making sure everything was down and that I referred to it. This week however, I was a hot mess. Between everything that is going on with our house buying status, my photography business and just life itself, this week was a crazy one. 

O N E. 
this week definitely started out pretty awfully. I have never ever had a problem with my laptop until last weekend. it started acting really odd like programs would just close, my card reader kept ejecting itself, it was wicked slow. so, I backed up everything and thank the lord I did because on monday, it totally glitched out. I had to factory reset it so all of my pictures, files, settings, etc. were wiped. thankfully the back up I had restored it all. it is still running a little funny so I am backing it up more frequently because ain't no body got time to be waiting around the apple store for help. it took all the puppy snuggles to make it better! 

T W O. 
I started my Tuesday morning off bright and early at our potential new home. We had our home inspection and pest inspection and it passed both with flying colors so, we are now one step closer! I was also on the phone with our bank loaner and home insurance brokers. If any of y'all have tips on how to pick the best homeowners insurance policy, pass them on to your girl because I am so confused! 

T H R E E.
Wednesday morning was another early one. I went to the yoga class that the Y offers. It was definitely not as good as the more exclusive/private one that I went to when in MA but, it was still decent. The room was a tad bit over crowded too which made for a good laugh when we were trying to move around to various positions. 

F O U R.
smoothies have been my jam lately. anytime I think I am hungry for a snack, I whip up a quick smoothie. My go to this week was acai, banana, kale and coconut-so yum! 

F I V E. 
so this is something super near and dear to my heart. I will be going into much more detail in the next couple of weeks but for now, I am SO excited because I was just made an ambassador of the Autism foundation. I was sent some pretty sweet PR wear that you will for sure be seeing on IG soon! 


I hope you all had an awesome week! Happy Friday! 


  1. Congrats on the new home! All those inspections can be so stressful so yay for passing! Also, congrats on being an ambassador :] Your pup is a total cutie, btw.

  2. I'm a serious smoothie lover too! That sounds like an awesome combo and congrats on the new house! :)

  3. Wow, you are getting so close to moving into your new home! Also, I love that smoothie combination - I'm going to have to try that out this weekend :)

  4. Your puppy is so stinking cute! And kudos on being an ambassador for Autism Speaks! I work with an organization that focuses on individuals with intellectual disabilities so I always smile when I see other people mention similar organizations!

  5. That smoothie looks so good! I'm a big fan of smoothies too. :) And your pup is so cute!! Puppy cuddles really do make things better. And congrats on being an ambassador for Autism Speaks!

  6. I have been all about smoothies lately too!!

  7. Smoothies are the best! I love how many different options and combinations you can come with up! So delicious!

  8. Puppy snuggles are always the best! It has been a crazy week for me as well. This Houston weather has been insane, so I haven't really had much time to blog. Thank God for old posts. I love smoothies. Always a good choice for a snack. I took my first barre class yesterday and man it was such a good work out. I loved it. And that's amazing that you are an ambassador for for Autism foundation! I was a case manager previously and had several clients that had Autism and they were some of the most amazing individuals ever.

  9. OMG...That puppy <3<3 <3...Too cute! Smoothies are my absolute favourite thing in the whole wide world. <3

  10. How cute is that puppy!! Smoothies are the perfect go-to!!

  11. Yay so excited for your new home - that will be awesome!

    xoxo, Jenny

  12. Yessss to the smoothies. I guess the weather warming up has me in the mood for a smoothie all the time. We're stuck on a strawberry banana one that is SO SO good. Where do you get your recipes for smoothies?

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