Friday Five

You guys. Aside from my constant migraines, anxiety attacks, and insomnia,  this week honestly was such a good week! I feel like this was the most productive week have had since we got married! We were seriously adults between getting our home loan stuff taken care of, home owners insurance and everything in between, we killed it! 

o n e. 
my photography business is finally getting some notice! I have booked 15 sessions and got my first two referrals! I am so excited and hope to only keep going from this! So, if you are ever in this area or I am passing through yours, I would love to take pictures for my bloggy friends!

t w o.
so I, without researching too much, jumped on the "Mono Box" train last month and was absolutely disgusted and disappointed in the lack of items and lack of quality of items I received. I did some research and found a different monogram subscription box, Frogs and Frills and I am in LOVE! 

t h r e e. 
so, we got our wedding videos a few weeks ago. it is an HOUR and a HALF long! How crazy!? But, I am so thankful that we will have that to look back on! Obviously, 90 minutes is a bit long to put on youtube so our fabulous Photo/Video team made a "teaser" video for youtube and you is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I have honestly watched it 20 times since they put it up on Tuesday night. Due to some copywriter law, it is blocking me from a actually putting it on here but I obviously I HAD to share it with you so, here is your 11 minute teaser of our fairy tale day! 

f o u r.
I made an impulse trip to TJ Maxx earlier this week and found the most adorable Sam Edelman crossbody bag for only $24. I have been on the hunt for a new cross body and this one is just EVERYTHING. the fringe, the beading, the size-all the heart eyes.

f i ve.
I have been experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and I found J's new favorite dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes-yum! 


  1. So happy for you and your new photography venture!! I was always into photography in college and then after I stopped taking the classes I kind of fell off the that scene but it is always something I loved! I tried to click on your wedding video but it said Error: Not Found. Happy Friday!!

  2. Congrats on your photography business taking off! I've been loving your snaps while you're on location. Happy Friday gurlie and hoping your migraines subside! <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. oohhh a Monogram Subscription box!! How did i not know about this?!

  4. Oh, i love it all! Your post seriously makes me happy for you! Congratulations on the photography business-it sounds like that's really booming and I'm so excited for you. I may have to book a trip to Sarasota now! You know I have all the heart eyes over that purse. I seriously am swooning. Dang it, why don't we have a TJ Maxx? Those cupcakes sound Heavenly. For Mother's Day I want those & maybe a monogrammed subscription box, too! Yes, please? Have a fabulous weekend doll!

  5. Oh girl! That crossbody bag...I LOVE. TJ Maxx is dangerous!

  6. Love that bag! Also so sad that the link didn't work to watch your video.

  7. Obsessed with that fringe bag! Caught a glimpse of it first on your Snapchat.

  8. Great bag! Congrats on your photography taking off!!! Wow a monogram box? That is pretty awesome! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  9. That fringe bag is absolutely to die for! I saw it on your insta and immediately fell in love!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  10. Okay, that fringe bag is to DIE for! Love it, and what a great price!



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