Week 14: Favorite Things

Welcome Back to Week 14 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge! We are talking all about my favorite things!

What are your favorite things?

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  1. I loooove a good vodka cranberry too girl, can't mess with an original! Have a good week :)

  2. I love the way you did your list. It's so pretty! We have so many of the same favorite things. Ripped jeans, puppy kisses, target, hubby snuggles, traveling-yes to all of it!

  3. Yes to every. single. one of these things. Especially the fuzzy socks, cozy spaces and body pillows because it's snowing up here in NY :/

  4. Yes to pretty much all of these.
    Such a fun post idea.

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. pizza is life lol I can eat that every day if I could.

  6. Christmas music. The New England Patriots. Harry Potter. Rosie Roo.


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