Week 16: You May Not Know...

Welcome Back to Week 16 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge.
This week is all about things you may not know. I try to reintroduce myself every three months because I want to connect with my readers and allow new ones to get to know me.

1. you may not know that I can not stand confrontation. Just the thought of it gives me wicked bad anxiety.

2. you may not know that I am actively trying to change my lifestyle. I have always been a pretty healthy eater (minus the occasional sweet tooth or a cheeseburger) but lately I have been really lazy about going to the gym. last week when I was in MA, I went to a yoga class with my "little sister". It was so great and I am obsessed now. I am not perfect and never will be. I want to start being more plant based/vegetarian but I know that I will lapse here and there and that is okay!

3you may not know that my puppies are my life. they are two of the most spolied rotten little things but they are everything. I take them with me every chance I get, they have a 'usual' at chick fil a, and when I travel I miss them like crazy.

4. you may not know that if you get in my car, all you will hear is country music or Justin Bieber. #bieleberforever.

5. you may not know that I am sickly addicted to reality tv. Real Housewives, Teen Mom, etc. I am there.

6. you may not know aside from the last few pre-scheduled posts that will go up, I have decided to be sober. This is in part attached to wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and also in part to just something that I feel I need to do.

7. you may not know I have insomnia like no other. it is very rare that I am in bed and asleep before 4am.

8. you may not know that I desperately want to be a trendy instagram with a perfect asthetic but, I have tried and just feel like I am being fake. It prevents me from posting things I really want to post and in turn, I don't feel like I am able to connect as well with my readers.

9. you may not know that love thai food. if I am given a choice of any thing for dinner, that is what I would pick everytime.

10. you may not know that I just learned how to successfully do a winged liner. #smallvictories


  1. I would die if I could not be asleep being 4am! How do you function during the day, lots of coffee I am assuming! If I am not in bed by like 9 on a week night I am terrible brat the next day! The first of the year my friend and I did yoga for like 2 months and we loved it but then she got pregnant and she can't do a lot of the poses so I stopped with her as well but while I was doing it I loved it! I have been doing some yoga videos lately

  2. I love Thai food too! You're making me hungry! I also used to be addicted to reality TV. Terrible haha. This was a fun read - it was great getting to know you!

  3. Oh gosh, I could not handle insomnia. I would be the crankiest person ever!

  4. Interesting challenge! I'll keep this in mind for when I'm stuck for ideas.

  5. I really do think we're long lost besties b/c #s 1,2,3,&8 are so me, too! YAY for you for giving up alcohol-you're doing amazing things for yourself girl! And insomnia is something i'm so glad I no longer struggle with. I used to though so I know how you feel. I'm sorry sweets!

  6. Good for you for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, it's all about balance which I'm learning. I struggle with making it work but I'm trying and that's what's important. I'm also a reality TV girl...I love it, not sorry! haha

  7. I've always been scared to try Thai food!

    Also, I am about to wake up as you are falling asleep. I couldn't do it!

  8. dang girl, getting a wing liner look down is not a small victory. That is something that should really be celebrated! I know I'll be posting all over Instagram when I finally get that look down haha.

  9. I can't get the winged liner right - ever!!! I love Thai food too, but right now I'm on a Mexican kick. SPICY STUFF IS THE BEST!!!

    I understand wanting to be trendy on Instagram, I want that too... yet it just seems fake to me as well. I think it's the attempting to find an actual theme that speaks to myself and clearly states ... yep it's me. I might try the one item (like a dinosaur orin my theme next. My suggestion... stop attempting to be the norm and just go with your gut. Good luck!

  10. Loved getting to know more about you! Yay for trying to be healthier - I am working on the same.

    xoxo, Jenny


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