You Might Be a Blogger If..

Y'all have no idea how excited I am to share this post with you! As bloggers we all have some...quirks that non-bloggers may not fully understand. It has taken me so long to get this up because every time I go to hit "publish" I think of a new one! With that, I give you:

You Might Be a Blogger If...

-you buy contact paper in marble or light wood panel prints

-you take a picture of all your meals and snacks before you eat them

-you take 10-15 pictures of the same thing at different angles

-you have a whole folder in your phone dedicated to "photography" aka photo editing apps

- wine. coffee. smoothies. all must be photographed

-you can stage a photo like a pro

-you refer to people in conversation as "my blogger bestie" or "my in real life friend"

-you know some people by their blog name instead of their real name

-you check facebook, twitter, and instagram before getting out of bed in the morning

-you set up a tripod and laugh at it to get the perfect insta shot

-target. must be photographed

-your hands are in 60% of your picutres

-your legs strategically placed on a bed are in the other 40%

-pretty handwriting and planners-always photographed

-when the lighting is good, you mass shoot pictures for posts in the future

-you evict your dog from their fav blanket because its the perfect background

-you get full glam for an hour to take pictures then revert to sweatpants

-you put on jeans for 5 minutes to get a "view from above" picture then go back to netflix+chill

-floors. ceilings. and walls-all need to be photographed

-you have a running "post ideas" list in your phone

-you email yourself blog pictures 5-8 times a day

-you blog on the toilet

-you use your personal hotspot to blog on the go

-you purchase inflight wifi to blog at 30,000 ft. 

-you believe that if it wasn't snapchatted, instagrammed or tweeted about, it didn't happen

-you cringe at poorly written posts/bad comment grammar

-you may post a picture of avocado toast from last week while you're eating cheese fries

-you always post pizza pictures because, pizza

so, are you a blogger? what are some of your quirks?


  1. Just today I posted on my blog a bunch of the funnier pictures I've taken for the blog over the years. I'm a fairly 'relaxed' kind of blogger--but this hobby has certainly impacted my everyday life!

  2. Nodding my head at a few of these! And smiling at the rest bc I know that's exactly what happens!

  3. These are all so true! Great list, it made me laugh! haha

  4. Yes to all of these! My husband used to get annoyed, now he is the one reminding me at times to take a picture for the blog!

  5. LMAO all me right there. I definitely have section in my iPhone dedicated to photo editing apps.

  6. A lot of these are true for me! lol

  7. These are so incredibly true.
    Especially this one for me: -when the lighting is good, you mass shoot pictures for posts in the future
    I get so few good light days in my dark home - we had it built and yet I didn't request any extra windows.

  8. lol, all of these are so true! Every time someone asks me to do something and I've already scheduled to do a post or shoot a product, I tell them I can't because I've got blogging stuff to do and then they give me this bewildered look and are like....ookkkaayyy. I can't even take photos of something without having 20 or 30 different options to choose from. The struggle is definitely real lol!

  9. hahahah, this made my day. YES YES YES...
    THIS is so take 10-15 pictures of the same thing at different angles!!
    Great post girl!

  10. Huh! Must be a blogger!
    Hehe great post!

  11. Lol this is so true! I love the one about emailing yourself pics... that's me! And yeah, staging life is everything for a blogger! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yes to most of these! i don't take nearly enough staged or professional photos because #lazy but so true about having a "blog post ideas" note in my phone.

  13. "Target--must be photographed" YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  14. So true! I'm on vacation and my husband is looking at a few shops while I sit here and catch up on blog stuff!

  15. So true! I'm on vacation and my husband is looking at a few shops while I sit here and catch up on blog stuff!

  16. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I am totally a blogger. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  17. This is too funny! Nodded my head at so many of these :)

  18. I can relate to just about all of these haha! Don't forget the white faux fur rug!!

  19. This was pretty accurate haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

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  21. Hahaha I love this so much! I nodded my head and giggled at every one of these.

  22. These are so true! How about, you are a food blogger take the same photo 50-60 times to get the best angle and composition. Because sadly, that happens. And really...if you didn't document it, it never happened. I agree 100%!

  23. LOL that is too funny and oh so true. I have a notepad to jot down everything that I think can possibly be a post..

  24. Yes to all of these!!! Love this list!!! Especially taking pictures of the same thing a million times but at different angles. The struggle is real on that one! I just bought some marble paper. Checking social media all the time is a must.


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