Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes [Recipe]

Happy Tuesday! 

Today we are talking cupcakes. They may not be good for your bikini bod but, they are delicious. This combo is one of my favorites to make because they are just so dang yummy and J loves them! These are super easy to make and require minimal skill! 

Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes

What You Will Need
-Vanilla Boxed Cake Mix
-1/4 cup Milk
-3 Eggs
-1/3 cup Butter
-Cookie Dough

What You Will Do 
1. pre heat oven to 350*
2. empty the cake mix into a mixing bowl
3. add the wet ingredients and mix well until there are no more lumps
4. with a teaspoon, add two spoonfuls of batter to each cupcake tin
5. break apart the cookie dough and drop a quarter sized ball in each tin
6. fill the tins the rest of the way (3/4 full)
7. bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes

top with vanilla or chocolate icing and enjoy! 



  1. Oh my goodness these sound right up my alley!!!

  2. Oh my, this looks amazing! I am making this for the next party I attend.

  3. Wait these look SO good. Now I'm hungry haha
    Amanda |

  4. Oh girl! These sound Heavenly! Cookie dough anything is super yummy and these sound like they don't disappoint.

  5. These look so good! Now I want a cupcake

  6. These look amazing! Definitely pinning this to make later!

  7. oh my gosh!!! I just went to heaven - these look so good Sarah! Pinning as we speak <3

  8. omg why have I never thought to do this! They look amazing.

  9. SO sharing this!!! I seriously need these in my life ASAP haha! They look so good, I've never even thought to do anything like this! YUM!!


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