Friday Five

Happy Friday Loves! This was an exciting week because we had so much going on! I ended up taking Monday off from the blog to spend time with my hubby and just relax. We spent 2 hours in Lowe's doing home stuff and it was great! Anyways, lets get into the rest of the week! 

o n e. 

it was all about this guy this week as he turned 28 on Wednesday! I am so in love with him and honored to be his wifey! We celebrated first with a birthday week breakfast on Monday morning then dinner at Cheesecake Factory the night of with my parents and finally dinner at Carrabbas with his Grandfather. 

t wo. 

I also tried my hand at some new cupcakes and a trifle for part of his birthday gift. He said he wanted something sweet so I did just that. However, I forgot the cool whip at the store earlier in the day so I was at Walmart at 1am getting some..but nonetheless I got them made! 

t h r e e. 

Thanks to one of my blogger besties Leslie from Peachy Keen I bought my first set of essential oils! I haven't really said too much about them as I am still getting used to them and figuring out all the blends but I will say, so far, I am in love and I am a total believer! 

f o u r.
yesterday was filled with interviews, meetings and Skype calls with various brands. I am now making this bold lip color my "power color" I feel so fierce and fearless wearing it! The fact that it is smudge, kiss, food and drink proof as well totally helps! 

f i v e. 
I actually left bright and early this morning for another trip up to MA. This time is not for the inlaws but for my sister because tomorrow she graduates from College! I am so proud and excited for her! I will be snapping a ton this weekend so to stay up to date, follow me there: ssarahhhh14


Have a great weekend my loves! 


  1. One dedicated wife! You have been married for less than me and already killing the wife duties! I don't think I would make a 1am trip to walmart to get whip cream! He sure is one lucky man!

  2. Happy (belated) birthday to your hubby! How fun to take a day off to spend together at the beginning of the week

  3. Happy birthday week to your hubby! You made his birthday very special! After 18 years of marriage our date nights still end with a trip to Lowes.

  4. I've been getting into essential oils too! I have been diffusing a breathe blend when I've needed it and that helps, so I've often thought I should try others. Now a friend is getting me into them. :)

    And happy birthday to your husband!

  5. Girlfriend! You are killing the wifey life. There's no way i'd be out at one a.m. for whipped cream but you sure ddi make your honey's birthday special! You're awesome! You're so sweet for giving me a shout out. I'm so thrilled that you're loving essential oils. I'm passionate about them. I'm glad they're working for you. You know I love that pic of you from yesterday but that lip color is crushing it! Good luck with all the interviews and brand collab opportunites! I hope you have a super fun weekend in MA! Congrats to your sister!

  6. All those sweets you made your hubby look so good! Love your lip color! Have a fantastic weekend. -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  7. Happy birthday to your hubs! Your trifle looks delish and that lip color looks awesome on you!

  8. Happy Belated birthday to your hubby! I love that lip color. Sounds like a great week, and congrats to your sister.

  9. What a lovely birthday gesture.Here's too many more to the happy couple.

  10. You made your hubbys birthday wonderful! How sweet :)

    xoxo, Jenny


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