From Runge to Ricker: The Boys Getting Ready {Pt. 20}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 

One of my favorite parts of going through our pictures from the photographers was getting to see the before pictures of the guys. Obviously I wasn't in there with them so seeing them all help one another get ready was great! What makes it even better for me is that from the second they got there, they had our Maid of Honor and Jr. Bridesmaid running up and down the stairs with questions or messages for me to make sure they were doing the right thing haha! Everything from "Is this the right tie?" "What time should we actually start getting dressed?" "Does his hair look okay like that" Etc. It was a riot! 

spying on the boys as they walk into the club

Up next week: Our First Look-EEK! 

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  1. Love this series! I also loved looking at the wedding photos of the boys getting ready before the wedding. Wedding photos are so much fun!

  2. HAHA that is too funny all the questions!! The boys got ready at the hotel they were staying at and didn't ask me any questions I was a little nervous but I found out they had secretly all been talking to the bridesmaids and hiding things from at first they couldn't check in until 5pm.....

  3. So cute! I love looking at our pictures too. The guys took picture at the lakehouse they stayed at and then out front of our venue. I was trying to spy on them and my photographer was like NO-he could have a chance at seeing you too! Guys are too that they were all asking you questions!

  4. The boys arrived at our wedding predone, except my soon-to-be-husband couldn't get his bow tie figured. I have a picture of his "other" sister (family, but not blood) helping him with it and it's adorable.

  5. That's fun that you were able to "spy" on the boys!

  6. I loved seeing all of our getting ready photos too! If only I could have gotten some pictures of my husband at his pre-wedding morning golf trip with his groomsmen, from the stories it sounds like it would have been pretty entertaining!

  7. Nice pics! I've missed some of the series, will have a look at them soon :)

  8. Aww how sweet :) I feel like these are going to be such fun pictures to look back on for years to come.

    xoxo, Jenny

  9. That is too funny about the questions they were asking! When I got married the guys wanted to come into the house we were getting ready in to deliver my wedding gift, but the lady who owned the venue took it from them and told them "no roosters in the hen house!" it was hilarious and luckily my videographer got the moment on camera!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  10. Best pictures! Sounds like a fun time - and a lot like my wedding!

  11. I always love the getting ready part of the wedding. You find a lot of candid shots that way.

    Love it that they were so nervous that they kept asking you questions. Classic... beautiful shots Sarah


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