May Currently + Monthly Goals

Happy May Loves! 

May is such a busy month for us. In May, we celebrate John's Birthday, his mommas birthday, Mother's day, we are getting ready to head up north for a little over a week and hopefully this May, we will be closing on our house! Anyways, let get into this months currently and goals! 

planning: my editorial calendar for May.

feeling: anxious and excited about the house and the process as a whole. 

celebrating: my hubby turning 28 this year! 

reading: blogs on blogs. I have really been slacking on staying up to date with my blogger besties!

pondering: color schemes and decor options. 

sipping: grapefruit and rosemary infused water. I am so insanely obsessed with infused water lately! 

going: to Massachusetts! 

+ continue going to Yoga classes three times a week
+ improve my photography business and skills
+ organize our house and get ready for the move! 

+continue to improve my Facebook following
+stay on track with scheduled posts 
+network and collab with more bloggers

What are you up to currently? 


  1. May is a busy month for me too girl! I feel like I blinked and suddenly it went from being New Year's to practically summer. I have mother's day, a graduation to attend in NYC, a 10k to train for, a baby shower present to come up with, etc etc! So I feel you there! What are you going to Massachusetts for? That's near my neck of the woods. Congratulations and good luck on everything to do with your house! What a huge step.

  2. Yoga three times a week...that's awesome! Good for you!

  3. Great goals! I always have goals to work out and do well for about a week! Ha! Good luck with everything :)

  4. networking and collaborating with other bloggers is on my list as well.

  5. You know I'm obsessed with the infused water too, LOVE it. Such an exciting month for you...planning for the house will be fun!

  6. Yoga has been at the top of my goals list too lately! I recently started a few months ago and have been pushing myself to keep going.

  7. It sounds like you have a busy month planned but no doubt you'll rock these goals love! I need to get back to daily yoga, too! Enjoy May Doll!

  8. Great goals for this month! I am also trying to collaborate with other bloggers this month. I am trying to attend my barre classes 2 to 3 x's a week. I've been doing well at attending those classes. Oh photography. It is my best and worst friend lately. I have been getting slightly better at taking photos but I am also so picky with photos. Good luck with everything with your house!

  9. Yoga three times a week? Girl you are killing it on the health train.

  10. I like the idea of rosemary infused water! I'm not big on grapefruit, but I one of my favorite flavored oil pairings is rosemary and lemon, so I could definitely do that in water. Thanks for the idea! It sounds like you have a busy but exciting month ahead!

  11. Yoga three times a week and getting ready for an exciting move - so exciting :-D
    Green Fashionista

  12. Great goals! Good luck with your goals this month and moving :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  13. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I hope he has a wonderful bday! What color options are you thinking, and for what rooms?

  14. May is a busy month for us too. Closing on your house is so exciting! Good luck with your goals. -xx Leah || Chasing Texas


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