Morphe 35P Palette [Review]

If you are a beauty blogger or just someone who loves make up, you have heard of the brand, Morphe. If you haven't..well, climb out of the rock you are under. 

Morphe is one of my all time favorite brands for a few reasons.
-the customer service is always on point and easy to get a hold of. 
-the packaging is super sleek.
-the prices can't be beat.
-the products are high quality. 

So often I will come across a make up brand that is at a good price point but the quality shows that. Either the packaging is super cheap or the color pay off is nonexistent. That is just not the case with Morphe. 

I am obsessed with purple toned shadows because I have brown eyes and it really makes them pop. When I opened this palette, it was everything I wanted and more. There are 35 shadows. There are 18 matte shades and 17 shimmery ones. Just about each shade has a matte and shimmery version.  The thing I love about the Morphe palettes is the variety of looks you are able to create. In this palette, you can do a simple neutral day time look, a simple smokey eye, a pop of color, a dramatic smokey eye and tons more. 

Morphe also does not skimp on the color pay off. Unfortunately there are no color names but pictures above are six swatches from around the palette. These were taken after one simple swipe with my finger. There is not one color in this palette that I am not in love with. 

This palette is $22.99 and well worth it! 

Have you heard of Morphe before? What is your go to eyeshadow shade?


  1. Love those colors!! I am about out of my eye shadows so I may look into this one!

  2. It's look like the Zoeva one! Do you know Zoeva?

  3. I didn't realize Morphe was so inexpensive! I'll have to check it out!

  4. Morphe has such quality products for such a low price! I have been eyeing a few palettes for a while now. I feel like you can buy 2 or 3 of these and have every color you could ever possibly need!

  5. I haven't heard good things about their customer service, but I do like their prices! Those swatches are so pretty!

  6. I love Morphe! I have 3 of their palettes. I do not have this one but it is so pretty!

  7. This looks similar to the BH Cosmetics & Coastal Scents palettes. I have the BH ones and love them. I actually bought their 88 shade palette a couple years back and I still have so much product left. I can't believe you only got yours for $22 though. I think I paid about $40 for mine back then (kicks myself for not getting this one sooner). :)

  8. This looks like an absolutely awesome palette. I love morphe! Those purples are to die for.

  9. I LOVE the bright purples in this! I'll definitely have to check them out, especially now that I have a make up vanity :) And I love when make up is inexpensive!


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