Quip Toothbrush [Review]

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If you know me, you know how important I think dental care it. The first thing I notice about other people is their teeth and smile. Another thing you may know about me is how gross I think tooth brushes are. They hold so many germs on them and I hate when people put theirs on bathroom sink ledges. I also can not stand to use the same brush head for too long because they start to get dingy. 

For these reasons I was so excited when I cam across the Quip brand. They aim to make dental care easier all around. You can buy a Quip set in a variety of ways. You can buy just the brush without the toothpaste or a set that includes the toothpaste too. The other option is to buy it as a set so you could do just one toothbrush set, a couples toothbrush set, which is what we did, or a family set with four brushes. Quip also offers a prepay option where they auto refill your toothpaste and send a new brush head every three months. 

The design of Quip is sleek. We bought the metal couples set which came with a black metal brush handle and a silver metal brush handle. It also came with two large tubes of tooth paste, two small travel sized tubes of tooth paste and travel holders. 

These are electric tooth brushes that keep your teeth feeling extra fresh and clean. The brush heads are soft and don't leave your gums feeling sore. The Quip toothpaste has fluoride in it as well so it helps to reduce cavities. The toothpaste is vegan friendly and they do not test on animals. 

John and I are so happy with our Quip brushes and don't plan on going back to store bought brushes anytime soon. 

Have you heard of Quip? Are you interested in trying it out? Click here


  1. Wow! This is REALLY cool! And I hate when toothbrushes get gross, so this is an amazing solution!

  2. I've never heard of this brand. I'll definitely need to check them out. i love finding new toothbrushes (like seriously) lol

  3. Stupid question, but how did you get them to stick to your mirror?


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