Stitch Fix Reveal #2

Hi Loves! I am back today with my second Stitch Fix Reveal! 

What is Stitch Fix?
If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, it is an online clothing store and personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee (which is taken out of your bank account when your Fix ships), you can have five personally selected pieces shipped right to your door. These pieces are selected by your personal stylist, who carefully reviews a "style profile" that you create. The $20 will be credited towards whatever pieces you decided to keep from your Fix. Things that you don't want are placed in a pre-paid mailer and sent back. If you end up wanting to keep all of your items, the $20 styling fee will go towards your end total as will a 25% discount. 

Stitch Fix encourages you to try on every item because they usually send items you would not pick on your own so, they want you to see it on rather than just holding it up. When you "check out" online after receiving your fix, you tell them which items you are keeping and give detailed reviews of each item to help better your next fix. It will ask you what you liked/didn't like about the fit, style, and pattern.

So, last time, I was less than impressed but, I am so excited to tell you that this time I was SO happy! I am obsessed with this box. 

Item #1: Kept
Brixon Ivy Bonita Crochet Dress $88 this dress is insanely comfy, the perfect fit, cut and length and so easy to just throw on! 

Item #2: Kept
Paradigma Gwenifer Kimono $54 hands down obsessed. the colors, the versatility, everything! I am in love! 

Item #3: Kept
Paper moon Violeta Scallop Detail Blouse $44 I had pinned this top several times so I was excited to see that it was included! 

Item #4 : Kept
Market&Spruce Nolan Printed Detail Henley Tank $54 all the heart eyes for this little number! I love the print and the color. 

Item #5 : Returned
Pixels Ashland Knit Dress $74 this is just so awful in every way. the material is that super cheap feeling neoprene, the print is probably the worst thing I have every seen and those stripes-ugh make it stop! 

All in all- aside from that last..thing..I am really really happy about this fix! I feel like this stylist actually read my commentary, looked at my pinterest board and thought about what was being picked for me. 

What do you all think of the items I was sent? Do you use Stitch Fix? How have your experiences been? 


  1. I love everything you kept. That kimono, especially. I've been on the look out for something cute like that. I love how you can dress it up or down and even wear it over a swimsuit. You look adorable in all of those outfits! That last dress though, I have to agree on the print and stripes. What is going on there?!

  2. I love everything you kept!! Mine should be here at the end of May!

  3. I love everything you kept. That kimono is awesome, really pretty.

  4. That floral piece is AMAZING!

  5. Looks like a great fix! I love that first dress on you and can totally see myself wearing that scalloped edge top!

  6. I am in love with that kimono! It's so pretty and would be awesome at work or for a Friday night out!

  7. LOVE what you got! I need to pin that Brixton dress!

  8. Lots of great picks! I love #4 perfect for jeans or summer whites

  9. You were sent some really great pieces. I used stitch fix last month and kept two of the 5 pieces sent to me. I think they do a pretty good job and I can't wait for the next box which arrives in July. I'm only doing it quarterly.

  10. Oooh thanks for sharing! I always like to see what others get. My boyfriend helped me realized that it's always cheaper to buy everything than just 2-3 things...I don't know why I couldn't figure that out on my own, but hopefully when they get it all right you can buy all of it since it saves you money with the discount they offer! xx Adaleta Avdic

  11. That Kimono is love <3 Me likey ^ ^ Great picks you have here :) Thanks for sharing!


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