Week 21: Bad Habits+a GIVEAWAY

Welcome Back to Week  21 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge.
If you follow SEBlogs closely, you will probably notice that the last two Mondays I have been a bit MIA. I am kind of upset about it since I obviously control what is posted and when but I am also kind of on the #sorrynotsorry train. Two Mondays ago,  I totally unplugged to spend time with the Hubs in celebration of his birthday week and last Monday, I was in MA for my baby sisters college graduation. I did have rough drafts of my posts but they were not totally finished, they didn't have pictures or links and they just were not my best writing. Although this is a 52 week challenge and on Tuesday-Friday I pride myself on posting regularly, I can't put up a half assed post just to get it up. I have kind of realized that although I love this little space of mine, I want to maintain the quality for my readers and also the brands I work with so no post is better than a half done post, amiright? So anyways, now that that has been said, lets get on with this weeks challenge!

Bad Habits. Oh boy. Everyone has them but not everyone admits them! I would have to say I have a top 5 bad habit list.

1. obnoxious perfectionist disorder (OPD??): in school, I would always hand write my notes. I would always alternate colors and use sticky tabs/stickers as well. I would spend so much time on them but, if I misspelled a word or got ahead of myself while writing, I would crinkle up the paper and start all over. This is the same now with notes, appointment reminders, suitcase packing, etc. it is bad!

2. nail biting. I know, I know but I can't help it! I try and try and honestly the only thing that 'works' is acrylic nails.

3. over caffeinating. I have actually gotten a tiny bit better about this but I am to fully rid of it. I wake up and the first thing I drink is hot lemon water. My next beverage is usually a coffee drink of some variety. Then, when I leave to go do errands, I usually grab another coffee drink so by 12pm, I have usually had 3-4 coffees and no food so I get the jitters.

4. being sorry. now, obviously I have manners. However, all my friends and family point out that I apologize for literally everything-thanks mom for this trait. The other day there was a lady just standing in the door way of the store I was trying to get into to get out of the pouring rain. Instead of just saying "excuse me", I said "Oh sorry, excuse me" then as she moved, I said "oh sorry" again.. like why?

5. eyerolling. John absolutely hates this but I just can't stop as the eyeroll is king!  I eyeroll everything and everyone. If you are doing something I am not fond of, *eyeroll*. If you say something I don't like, *eyeroll*.

So, what are your bad habits?

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  1. Omg I can't believe how alike we are. I am the exact same way with my notes! I rip out pages from my notebooks and throw restart if I screw anything up. And I bite my nails all the time and apologize about everything. I literally just had that sort of scenario when I was at the store last night, apologizing to get past someone.

  2. Oh I am always saying sorry for everything! I have gotten a lot better but I used to be so bad!

  3. Girl, again, you and I are so much alike! I totally suffer from OPD! Even if it's just a grocery list, I will crumble it up and throw it away if I don't like my handwriting, I misspell something, etc. And I am the Queen eye roller and I let out a huge sigh when I do it, too. It's so bad that my guys joke because now the dog even lets out a sigh when she's being bothered or in trouble or just not getting her way. All I can say is "I was born this way."

  4. I completely agree with you about being sorry as a bad habit. I always find myself saying sorry, even when nothing went wrong/is my fault. We shouldn't be sorry for existing!

  5. I'm also a nailbiter and I'm not even sorry about it. lol

  6. Yeah I for sure have too much caffeine! I need to cool it!

  7. I'm so bad about biting my nails! I go through periods when I don't do it at all and as soon as I get stressed? Boom...biting again. And I apologize ALL the time!

  8. What a fun giveaway! I agree with a lot of these habits - I have them as well =[

    xoxo, Jenny


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