Currently+June Goals

- C U R R E N T L Y -

visiting: Massachusetts! I have said it before, this is my second home. Part of my heart is here so every chance I get, I am here! Currently, John and I are up here for his little brothers High School Graduation this weekend! 

planning: all of our new house decor! So, it is finally out, that we closed on a house! However, the day after was the day I made the drive up here so, I am planning our decor and color schemes from 1.200 miles away! 

enjoying: family time and all my favorite North Shore restaurants! 

buying: Furniture. Again, since we are up here, I am ordering and buying all of our stuff online to be delivered to our new house so, fingers crossed I love it all once its delivered! 

craving: Beach Pizza which, is my favorite food from up here! 

pinning: house. house. house. baby. house. If you follow me on Pinterest #sorrynotsorry but that is all you will see for the next while! 

- G O A L S -
∆ remember to make "me" time and hubby time amongst the hectic and crazy times
∆ keep the healthy eating train going. although this is much harder to do when on vacation, I am really trying to eat consciously (with the exception of Beach Pizza)
∆ embrace all the struggles and exciting parts of being first time home owners! 

∆ pursue more brands.
∆ keep networking with other bloggers
∆ revisit the idea of vlogging

What are you doing currently? What are some of your goals for this month?


  1. What part of MA are you headed to? I'm with you, I wish I were closer to make it my second home. I'm a Boston & Vineyard fan! I love your post so much. What ways do you best network with other bloggers? I need some ideas on that. I'd love to collaborate with you some time! Tracy over at

  2. I love that you have goals for each month!
    xo, Syd

  3. Great goals...especially about making more time for you and hubby, it's easy to get caught up in life and 'get too busy'!

  4. Congrats on closing on your house!! I hope all the things you order are perfect or returnable!! Beach Pizza sounds like the best kind of pizza! Cheers to June!!

  5. How exciting to be decorating your new house! That's always a lot of fun! I'm sure it is slightly stressful but I'm sure everything will work out! I'd love to network with other bloggers. Good luck with your goals this month!

  6. It looks like you are having an amazing time in Massachusetts! I'm excited for you, for your trip and your new house! I can't wait to see how you decorate! And whatever beach pizza is-it sounds delicious!

    You're gonna rock June's goals girlfriend!

  7. These are great goals! Congratulations on the house!!!

  8. Congratulations on the house! That is so exciting. I gotta ask, what is beach pizza???

  9. Congratulations on being a home owner! Decorating is the best part of a new space. Heads up, HGTV did a huge Netflix upload/dump, I've been binging all week!

  10. Good luck with your healthy eating! I've really been struggling in that department lately. :(

    All the best with achieving what you want this month! :)
    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  11. Just hearing about Beach Pizza made me hungry! I loved decorating my home - I wish I could redecorate all the time!

  12. Yay for being a home owner! Good luck with this and more success.


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