From Runge to Ricker: The Dress {Pt. 26}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! 
Today is all about THE dress. Every girl dreams of the dress she will wear on the day she gets to be a princess. I have always wanted a princess ballgown. I didn't even want to try anything else on. I went to seven dress shops but the one I picked was the first one I tried on at the first stop. 

This dress was from The Perfect Dress in Sarasota, FL and it is from the designer Roz La Klein. It was ordered and custom made in Australia 

What is your dream dress?

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  1. I love all the detail in your dress! It was the perfect dress for you! I was the same way I knew I wanted a princess ballgown dress!

  2. Your dress was so gorgeous! I love that you found yours at the first shop, first dress you tried on because that was me, too! You just have this overwhelming feeling when you find "the one".

  3. Such a pretty dress! I only tried on three dresses in a single dress shop, but this one was the first or second one I tried on! I just knew when I saw it on the hanger that I would love it. My mom (who was with me) wasn't so sure, but once she saw it on me she fell in love too. I still think my dress was gorgeous and the perfect dress for me. :) So fun to look back and remember things like this!

  4. OMGoodness! I absolutely LOVE your dress! I did the same way with my dress, love at first sight! Traditional gowns are so beautiful! I love all of the beadwork!


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