Peaks and Valleys [6.24]

Happy Friday loves! 

It's been a minute since I have been around the blog land on a Friday but, I am glad to be back! It is pretty crazy that this is the last Friday in June and that 2016 is half way over already. Anyways I am going to share with you my peaks and valleys of this past week! 

P E A K S 
∆ getting to spend so much time with John's family. Between his brother and brother's girlfriend, his momma, and his grandfather, it was so perfect! 

∆ getting to really start enjoying our first home

∆ beating blogger burnout! 

∆ the Starbucks "Pink Drink". I tried one and let me tell you-holy overhyped. It was drinkable but it was not something I would ever order again. 

∆ returns at Walmart. we had bought a few items for our house, they didn't work out so we went to return them-stood with the customer service rep for 45 minutes and she wouldn't let us return them-ugh

∆ apple chargers. I love apple products. I am a die hard iPhone and MacBook enthusiast but why, why Apple do your chargers have to be so shitty? I go through 6-8 iPhone cords a year and at least one MacBook charger


What was a peak and valley for you this week?
Have a great weekend! 


  1. Your Peaks sound like they were amazing. There's nothing better than family time. It just refreshes you and inspires you. I've been taking care of my mom this week, she had minor surgery on her right hand on Monday so i've been with her a lot this week. Tomorrow our family from Illinois comes down so i'll be with them this coming week.

    I'm sorry about your Valleys. I've been wanting to try the Starbucks drink but i'm glad to know i'm not missing much. I think Starbucks is over rated anyway though. Yes, occasionally give in and have one but about all I really like from there is the frapuccino. And as an Apple family (my hubby is Mac certified for work) we know about the charger debacle. My hubby orders them from though. Hope that helps. Have a wonderful weekend, doll!

  2. I think its so cool that you are enjoying your new home and family. Sounds like summer is off to a great start :). Thank you for your commentary about the pink drink I have been debating if I should try it,but now I am thinking nah. Stick to the normal starbees order. I feel you about Walmart returns they can be a pain! A peak this week for me is that I am rocking a new fresh mani! Have a great weekend in your new home :)

  3. Peaks all sound great! Sounds like such a fun time :) Sucks that silly Walmart person wouldn't let you return the items!! I hate it when that happens. Good luck finding the right stuff for your new home!

  4. I feel that way about Samsung chargers! Just bought one that's supposed to be virtually indestructible from Anker. We shall see.haha

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!



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