Peaks and Valleys [6.3]

Happy Friday my loves! This week has been a bit different from most because I am up in New England! John's cousin/my best friend and I drove up from FL last weekend and it was such a good time. John joined me up here on Tuesday and this weekend we will be celebrating his youngest brother graduating high school. There is a lot of graduation party prep to be done and not much more time so I am going to get right into this post! 

∆ road tripping. Em and I took three days to get up this way and it was so much fun. We stopped in every state for a picture, did a little exploring and walking around and just had an all around great time. We also had little Yoda bear with us and he was such a good adventure dog! 

∆ family time. I am not sure that there is anything I love more than being up here. This trip, we have the whole family here. John is up, his brother who is stationed on the west coast is up and of course his youngest brother. We have had so much fun just hanging out and we re-did his mommas kitchen! (follow me on snapchat to see that! @ssarahhhh14)

∆ New England eats. Being up here, all diets go right out the window. Between Beach Pizza, our favorite Ice Cream spot, and John's Dad's pulled pork..I totally splurge! #sorrynotsorry

road trip stop #1: Peach World in GA

Havre de Grace Lighthouse in MD

Lobstah Roll from Weathervanes

∆ Em and I had two tiny run ins with some not so nice people once we hit NE-I guess they don't call drivers up here massholes for no reason-eek! 

∆ I want to find a good way to manage family time up here and blogging...every time I am up here, SE Blogs takes a major hit. Although that isn't the worst thing, I wish I could get just a little more productive at times. 

Alright well, we are off to do some shopping! Have a great weekend! 


  1. Enjoy your visit. Time with family is nothing you can ever get enjoy it!I loved following your snaps!

  2. I think vacations are MEANT to destroy diets. It's part of the fun! :)

  3. Hope you all have a blast! My little sister is graduating high school this weekend too!! so saddd :(

  4. Glad you are having a great trip, it sounds like you are getting in lots of quality time!

  5. I am so glad you are enjoying your time. How exciting! I love graduations :) I have been following your trip on SnapChat and I want to sneak into your bag and come along for your next road trip LOL XOXO Have fun babe!

  6. Sounds like a fun little road trip, 'tis the season! I've never heard the term "massholes" before, that's hilarious.

  7. Laughed so hard at the Mass-holes comment! Whenever I spot a Mass car here in CT that's what I always think because they're always speeding and tailgating!


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