Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stitch Fix #3 Reveal

Happy Tuesday! 

Today I am back with my third Stitch Fix reveal.

What is Stitch Fix?
If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, it is an online clothing store and personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee (which is taken out of your bank account when your Fix ships), you can have five personally selected pieces shipped right to your door. These pieces are selected by your personal stylist, who carefully reviews a "style profile" that you create. The $20 will be credited towards whatever pieces you decided to keep from your Fix. Things that you don't want are placed in a pre-paid mailer and sent back. If you end up wanting to keep all of your items, the $20 styling fee will go towards your end total as will a 25% discount. 

Stitch Fix encourages you to try on every item because they usually send items you would not pick on your own so, they want you to see it on rather than just holding it up. When you "check out" online after receiving your fix, you tell them which items you are keeping and give detailed reviews of each item to help better your next fix. It will ask you what you liked/didn't like about the fit, style, and pattern.

What I received: 
Navy and White Short Sleeve Maxi Dress: $85

Navy with White Detail Above the Knee Dress: $75
this dress had an odd neck thing going on plus the design was a bit tacky to me. 

Cold Shoulder Floral Top: $68
between the pukey colors and the morbid rose print I just couldn't even

Blush Maxi with Floral Print: $105
I am not sure if I felt like curtains in an elderly womans home or a table cloth but ugh! 

the fifth item was a lacey purple dress but, it was in an XS which I am not so I was unable to try it on. They are sending me one in my correct size. 

So.. I sent 4/5 items back. I just feel like they still don't actually read my comments after I receive a fix and that my last box was a fluke of great items. After this fix, I finally emailed them asking for a senior stylist only. I want to have the same person every time and I do not want anymore items sent that resemble anything above. 

How do you luck out with your fixes?


  1. I've only done one fix and I really liked it, but now I'm worried about getting a bad stylist on my second one! I agree, not a fan of these pieces! Hopefully they will listen to you and your next fix will be great!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  2. Oh I agree with your items you returned! Clearly these are not your style! I do really like the maxi dress you kept. When I first started Stitch Fix and was getting a different stylist every time I was having a lot of the same issues. But when I got one box I absolutely loved I requested her every time and she has done a really good job lately! Hope you have better luck next month!

  3. You definitely picked the right dress. I have yet to try StitchFix but love watching how it works. That rose off the shoulder shirt was hideous. :-)

  4. I've started asking for a senior stylist and I really do think that helps a bit. I agree, you got some super terrible prints in this Fix!

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  6. OH! I love the first two pieces! They look great on you doll :) I didn't realize it had a weird neck thingy but I think the color is flattering lol

  7. I love the first two pieces on you! The other ones....what exactly was your stylist thinking? I agree those are horrible pieces. Hopefully your next fix will be better!

  8. I love these kinds of posts! I've never pulled the trigger on a box myself- I just love to see what everyone else gets! :0

  9. I really like that maxi dress! I'm hoping that I can give Stitch Fix another try sometime after baby comes!

  10. I can't believe you were so disappointed with your Stitch Fix!

  11. I can't believe how tacky most of those pieces were. It was like your stylist has no clue about you but I do love the one dress you kept. Here's hoping you have better luck next time!

  12. Love the navy/white maxi dress!
    Is your pintrest board attached? That has worked wonders for me and my fixes. There are times they find an exact piece I have pinned which is always exciting!


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