Frogs and Frills [Monthly Monogram Box] Review

Hi love bugs! So if you know me, you know I have a massive love of any and all things monogrammed. I basically live by the cliche'd saying if it isn't moving, monogram it. That is why I was so excited to hear about the Frogs and Frills monthly monogram boxes. 

What is the Monthly Monogram Box?
Simple. Each month, you will receive 4-5 items in a box. The company promises that at least two will be monogrammed. The items range from tanks and tees to cups and koozies to stickers and keychains. You never know exactly what you will get until you get it but that is part of the fun! This is my fourth box from Frogs and Frills and I couldn't be happier with it. There are several other boxes out there but the quality just doesn't compare. 

What I Got

Seersucker Coral Tank with a Mint Monogram- on the front and top of the back. 
Turquoise and Pink Wrist Keychain
Two Monogram Stickers
Pink Pencil Case

So, Any Downsides?
yes. however, they are pretty petty. 

 ∆ the box is not automatic. 
each month, you have to go on their website and reorder the box for the next month. although this is kind of tedious, it is also kind of neat because you can let them know what colors you would or wouldn't want for your surprises the next month. 

the packaging
obviously as Bloggers we all want pretty packaging. Your items will come in a plain white box. Then once you open it, the items will be placed neatly upon crinkle strips. let me tell you-I freaking HATE crinkle strips. They get everywhere and I think they are tacky. I would love to see even a plain bright colored box or a stamp or something with simple tissue paper! 

This box is between $25 and $30 each month. I totally think it is worth it if you are as monogram obsessed as me! 

What do you think of monogram subscription boxes?


  1. I love the tank top! So if the box isn't automatic, does that mean that they don't charge you each month? Can you pick and choose when you want the box?

  2. I love monogrammed items too. That tank top is adorable!

  3. Wow - so cute! I love monograms too! I love your ideas for updating the packaging. You should submit to them and maybe they will send you a nice surprise. :)


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