From Runge to Ricker: Lessons from a Former Bride {Pt. 27}

Happy Wedding Wednesday Y'all!

Today I thought I would share with you a few lessons/tips/tricks I learned from my time being a bride. I do have to say before I get into this, I was very lucky to have such an amazing team of bridesmaids and mommas so there wasn't any part of the whole process that was particularly stressful however, there were a few tense times. 

1. get a head of the game. 
when you get engaged, talk to your hubby and figure out a date. from there, make a timeline of what should be done when. even if you aren't planning on getting married right away, everything takes time. make sure you can get your dress ordered in time, the venue you want and any vendors you must have! 

2. select a reliable bridal party.
in my opinion, less is more. at our wedding, we had 4 bridesmaids and 3 groomsman. we made sure to pick people that we knew we could count on to get things done if needed and who wouldn't get totally smashed at the wedding. 

3. remember who's wedding it is.
I had to learn this one for myself. I am such a people pleaser that whenever it came time to make decisions, I would always ask other people what they thought. John's mom finally looked at me when we were deciding on our cake and said "Sarah, stop asking, it is YOUR day pick what YOU want!" 

4. your phone will be your best friend.
If a vendor calls and you don't have all of your contracts/ideas/pictures in front of you, you will have to call them back and sometimes they aren't the easiest to get a hold of. I used Google Drive to hold all of my contacts, guest list, seating chart, vendor contact info, etc. I would also take pictures of eveything like my dress at every angle, the cake design, flower mock-ups, etc. in case I was out and about and saw something that I think would go well, I was able to be sure. make sure you put all the photos in a separate folder so they can be found easily.

5. relax.
I can promise you, no matter how hard you try, plan, obsess, there will be some trip ups on the actual day but, if you have a kick ass bridal party, you won't even know. so relax and enjoy your day! 

B O N U S . S T O R Y . T I M E   
so a few things went a little off the plan the weekend of my wedding. 

-well, really, it started a few weeks before. John's dad was having massive back pain and long story short, was hospitalized five days before our wedding. although the doctors questioned whether or not he would be able to fly down from MA for the wedding, it was never a question to him. He promised us come hell or highwater he would be here and well, he was here!-hyped up on pain meds but here nonetheless. he left the day after the wedding to fly back to Boston for a major back surgery.-he is almost fully recovered now. 

-we got married on a Saturday. On the Thursday prior, we found out at almost 830pm that John did not have a tux. We had all the boys rent theirs from Mens Warehouse. We went to do the final fitting/make sure everything was in their bags and they had ordered the wrong size for John. There were only minor issues with the rest of the boys but not one part of John's was correct. While I was outside having a mental breakdown with my right hand of a maid of honor, John's dad was inside taking care of things- #thankthelord. Mens Warehouse credited us back for his rental, got one sent down from a store two hours north of us and John and his Dad went to pick it up Friday afternoon-talk about a close call

-Along with the massive help of my maid of honor, momma, and John's momma, I planned our whole wedding on my own. Our venue offered a day of coordinator though so I didn't have to run all over the place. In theory this was a great idea. Unfortunately the day of coordinator was not the most efficient. The girls and I had to be at the venue at 8am to get hair and make up started. The coordinator was suppose to be there at 10. 11am rolls around and she still isn't there. My maid of honor went into beast mode and made sure the stuff that was suppose to get done was getting done. Obviously this was not her job as we were paying someone for this but she totally stepped up and went above and beyond before and during the wedding. 

Not everything went as planned but we our awesome bridal party got it all taken care of and made it the best day of my life. 

What is your worst wedding day nightmare?

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  1. I am such a people pleaser too. I hate it. There are a few things that I have said "yes" to that I totally regret now. It's too late to back out of them though without hurting people's feelings, so I guess I will just have to live with them on the big day.

  2. Our day went pretty smoothly or that I was told that day. First the boys had problems getting into the hotel early. I had called the hotel multiple times before the wedding and they said they should have no problem getting there an hour or so early..yea well they did but no one told me until the next day. Then when a few guests had gotten to the reception one of the guest tables fell, luckily it was just a few candles and a small flower arrangement and some forks went idea what was going on but thank goodness I didn't know about it!

  3. Yes, starting early was KEY! I was a crazy person about my to do list. My husband kept having to remind me that it's OUR wedding and WE were paying for do what we wanted to do. It's hard to let things roll off your back if you're detail oriented and don't want to hurt feelings, but in the end we did what was best for both of us!

  4. These are all GREAT tips! And you are a champion for handling that last-minute craziness! Even though my mom, fiance and I are planning the wedding, we got a day-of coordinator, but she's a very close friend of ours, so I feel very confident that she'll make sure everything runs smoothly. My biggest fear is rain...we could have the wedding in the tent, but I fear that it will rain for days ahead of time and that we'll be standing in soup! (prays for no rain)

  5. These all sound like great tips! I can't imagine all of the things that you need to be on top of with planning a wedding!

  6. Love these tips! We have a day of coordinator too and I hope she isn't like yours was. That would kill me haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  7. Such great tips for when I plan my future wedding! I would be the type of bride that if everything wasn't correct/goes as planned...I'd have a meltdown. I have a feeling I will probably hurt some people's feelings when they try to express their opinions on my wedding but as you said it's YOUR wedding.

  8. I have a two year engagement. So these tips will really come in handy especially the first one. Since we have so much time I'd most likely procrastinate so I'll remember to be on top of things.


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