Grilled Pizza [Recipe]

Happy Tuesday Loves! 

Today I am finally spilling the deets on one of the most pictured foods on my snapchat (@ssarahhhh14) in the last month or so: grilled pizza! 

I decided to try my hand at grilled pizza after catching the tail end of my favorite Food Network show The Kitchen. There are a few reasons why I am so obsessed with Grilled Pizza 1. it is so quick and easy to make 2. it is so customizable 3. it is way better than delivery! 

What You Will Need:
-pizza dough (we buy ours prerolled out from Publix)
-pizza pans (we use disposable ones)
-pizza sauce
-toppings of your choice

What to Do:
1. Heat your grill to a high heat and keep the lid closed. 
2. Prep the dough. since we buy ours pre rolled, we just flour a pan and plop it on. Then, flour the top side as well. 
3. Pick your toppings and prepare accordingly. 
4. Move out to the grill, using 1 1/2 tsp. of olive oil, oil the side of the dough facing up towards you then carefully flip the pizza dough on to the grill. Turn the heat down immediately to a medium-high heat. 
5. Once the dough starts to bubble up, pop the bubbles and flip the dough over. 
6. Once the dough is flipped, you will only cook this side for 2 minutes then flip again onto the pizza pan. 
7. Turn heat all the way down to low and add the sauce. I recommend only using 2-3 table spoons or else the dough may get soggy
8. Add the cheese and toppings. 
9. Close the lid and let grill until the cheese is melted! 

Some of our favorite recipes: 
-Classic Pepperoni
-Diced Green Peppers and Onions
-Peach/Nectarine and Arugula: instead of sauce, just put thinly sliced real mozzarella on the dough and let melt then add medium sliced peaches or nectarines and lemon zest. When ready to be served, top with balsamic dressed arugula. 

Have you ever tried grilled pizza? It is a new staple in our house!  


  1. This sounds delish! My husband and I love to make grilled pizzas using pre-made flat breads from Publix, it makes it so easy and cleanup is a snap :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  2. My husband and I made homemade pizza last night and it was SO yummy. I didn't even think of doing it on the grill! Great idea.


  3. These look delicious! I used to do this when I had a man and a grill, now I just stick to the oven. Miss that awesome flavor and crunch on the dough, it is so good. I love the idea of nectarines on pizza!

  4. Oh my goodness! These look delicious and are making me so hungry. We love making homemade pizzas as a family, but we haven't made them on the grill.

  5. YUM, I love pizza...I'll have to try this one out with Chuck! Thanks for the recipe girlfriend!

  6. My hubby & I love to make home made grilled pizzas. It's one of our favorite "go to" meals. In fact, now i'm craving one. I'd rather have this over delivery any day!

  7. I have never made grilled pizza before! It looks so yummy!!! I def need to try this!

  8. I've only just discovered grilled pizza, actually. I'm yet to try it, but I definitely am intrigued.
    I'll have to save this recipe. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  9. Your recipes are always amazing! I would have devoured those in just minutes.

  10. Your recipes are always amazing! I would have devoured those in just minutes.

  11. This looks so good! Definitely going to have to try this out!

    Amanda ||

  12. Looks relish! I haven't made homemade pizzas in forever...this would be great to make with the kids! And a cool twist to it!

  13. Yum yum! Thomas loves to grill so I am hoping he'll make these for us. They look so delicious.


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