July Currently+Monthly Goals

Happy July my loves! 
Kind of crazy that this year is already over halfway over right?! 
Anyways lets jump right into this months Currently and Goals! 


t o a s t i n g: to new adventures and beginings in our new home

g o i n g: to Lowes for some more home items

s m e l l i n g: the watermelon lemonade candle burning from B&BWs

w e a r i n g: an old navy tank and comfy shorts

w i s h l i s t i n g: accent chairs and pieces from Target and Z Gallerie

w a t c h i n g: The Kitchen-my fav

e a t i n g: cheese and crackers

b l o g: 
-network with even more bloggers
-work on facebook interactions
-blog because I want to, not because I have to

p e r s o n a l: 
-try 3 new restaurants
-work out 3 times a week
-drink more water! 

What are you up to currently?


  1. Watermelon lemonade candle? Never heard of it, I'm really trying to imagine what that might smell like!

  2. It sounds like you're busy lately! One of my goals has also been blogging for myself, not for others. It was a long time coming, but my last blog became a space where I found myself only blogging because I had a sponsorship or I felt that I had to entertain my audience -- which was not the reason why I wanted to start blogging in the first place! So I completely stopped blogging for months and when I came back, made it a point to only blog for myself. It was the best decision I ever made, I'm so much happier and my online space is so much more ME.

    I hope you have a great July and rest of your summer!

  3. Yep I need to get back to working out more consistently!

  4. I need to get back to working out consistently again, I felt so good when I did it..then I got sick..then we were on vacation and next thing you know, here I am. Loving the snaps from your house, looks beautiful!

  5. I've been drinking lemon cucumber water. Its supposed to be a good detox & tastes delish! I love that you are blogging for you! That's exactly why I had to walk away for a couple months. I kept trying to compete and compare myself to other bloggers and I was hating something that I enjoyed. Happy July! xo

  6. I love that you're trying to be more intentional about WHY you blog...that's great! Good luck!

  7. Awesome goals babe! I so agree about the blogging because you want to not because you have to! Drinking more water always ends up being on a list of goals for me :) I just hope to meet more great people on here like you, and just grow.

  8. "blog because I want to, not because I have to"- Perfect! That's an amazing goal and something to remember on those late nights when you're just trying to throw up a post to have one.

  9. Trying new restaurants sounds great! I feel like I always stick with my favorites and never branch out!

  10. Great goals! :) I'm sure you'll crush 'em.

    xoxo, Jenny

  11. Great goals! I want to blog 2 times a week and network with other bloggers.

  12. I love that you have stated your goals publicly. Way to be accountable!

  13. A watermelon lemonade candle... whaaat?! You had me at lemonade. Lol. Good luck with all of your goals!! I so get into that mood of not blogging because sometimes it becomes a chore. I like that - blogging because you want to not because you -have- to.

    Can't wait to see what restaurants you try out!

  14. I wish I could get on the watermelon lemonade train, everyone seems to love it but I'm just not into it! I almost wish I was because it's such a popular scent!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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