Sandals Resorts 101

Hi loves! 
So, if you have been around for a while or read my post from yesterday, you will know that John and I spent our Honeymoon on the island of St. Lucia at Regency La Toc-a Sandals Resort. I have to tell you guys, I have n e v e r been on a better vacation. The whole experience and the staff at Sandals made our honeymoon feel like a dream. I didn't want to leave! 

It was pretty difficult to book our honeymoon. We didn't have an exact place in mind that we wanted to go but we both wanted tropical, relaxing and different. I looked into a ton of options from cruises to staycations to all inclusive resorts. 

The all inclusive option won that battle because it gives you the ability to be carefree and not stress about how much you are spending on your first vacay as mr. and mrs. I looked into a ton of resorts and across the board, Sandals had the best reviews and most options so, we booked! 

There are a few things that I think you should know if you are looking to vacation at Sandals so, lets get into them! 

What is All Inclusive?
at Sandals, all inclusive is unlimited premium drinks, unlimited food, private beach, transportation to and from the airport as well as around the island, water activities and sports, and on property entertainment.

So Then it is Really Expensive?
actually, no. Sandals can be as inexpensive as a regular hotel. It all depends on what you want. Obviously since we went for our honeymoon, we wanted the best so ours was pretty pricey but, you can do sandals for as low as $130 per night.

What All Did You Get?
We booked a Private Honeymoon Butler Suite. This room was two levels down from the most expensive room. Our room was a one bedroom with a living space, fully stocked bar, and private pool off of the living room and bedroom. We also had a butler. This meant that from 7am-10pm we had an on call service for anything we needed. If we wanted room service, we called our butler, wanted to schedule an excursion, we called our butler, wanted to go to an on property restaurant, called our butler and he gave us a ride. It was pretty legit.

What Does The Property Have?
this kind of depends on which resort you pick but as a general idea, every Sandals property has at least 8 restaurants. Some are very casual and others are very fancy. Some you can just walk in and sit down and others are by reservation. I can guarantee though that there is for sure something for everyone. They also all have spas, game centers, and on property entertainment from dance offs, live music, and movies.

What Else Did You Do?
Honestly, John and I were really on the no plan-plan. We just wanted to relax and enjoy our time together. We had a couples massage scheduled and then we also decided to do one excursion. We did an island tour by boat and land. We went to the famous mountain range on the island, the Pitons, went snorkling, ate local food, took a mud bath and went on a plantation tour.

What Did You Bring?
bathing suits. I really just brought shorts, tee's, bathing suits, and two dresses. we also brought our passports obviously. as far as money goes, all of the vendors and local places preferred US money. I am not sure if this is just a St. Lucian thing or all of the islands but before you exchange money, research! Also, the only things we really paid for were souvenirs and then we tipped our butler.

So Overall?
overall, I think Sandals is the best way to vacation. I have truly never been so relaxed in my life and it was the perfect get away after all the hectic planning that went into the wedding. John and I are both in agreement that we will be vacationing at Sandals more often.

Have you ever been to Sandals? What was your experience?


  1. This looks like the perfect vacation spot. I would love to go here! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. It sounds INCREDIBLE! I may have to look into this for a future trip!

  3. I've been to several all inclusive resorts, but not a Sandals. Your pictures look amazing!

  4. Looks like a beautiful place to spend your honeymoon!

  5. Looks like a fantastic honeymoon! We are staying at an all inclusive in Riviera Maya and I legit cannot wait. That butler service sounds awesome!


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