The Year of the Quarter Life Crisis.

You guys. I honestly just can't even right now. I am in a state of anxiousness, depression, and excitement. In just three days, 3 short days, I am going to be 25. Twenty five years old. I can't believe that I have been on this earth for 25 years. I feel depressed but excited, ancient but accomplished. It is a little weird that I am feeling so many different ways. 

To help me get over the quarter life crises hump and to help you get to know me better, I am going to share with you 25 things I have done in my 25 years of life. 

1. I almost died.
There's a great way to start this crises management. But, it is true. When I was two years old, I got pneumonia. My dad was out of town so my mom rushed me to the ER. They pumped me full of meds and I started on my healing process. This was until a different nurse came in and gave me an adult dose of a med. I went into an overdose. My dad, thankfully was back in town by this point. Despite the HIPPA /OSHA laws (that were not as strict as they are now), he reversed the overdose, discharged me himself, and took care of me at home. 

2. I rode an emu.
Yes. When we lived in IL, we had friends with an emu farm. My dad took me out there one day and thought it would be funny to put me on an emu. Well, newsflash, emus do not like to be ridden so it took off then flipped me off. Thankfully I hit the grass and not hard ground. Nevertheless, at age 3, I rode an emu. 

3. I won 3 Halloween costume contests by the age of 6.
Between being a seal, dalmatian puppy, and a lion, I was breaking all the hearts. My mom had a passion for entering me into those costume contests at the mall. I won three years in a row. #1

4. By the age of 7, I had been to 12 states and 4 countries. 
My parents have friends and family everywhere. My dad also had a lot of medical meetings in various places around the world. He and I were travel buddies and we would make the treks together. 

5. I ran away from home...
...for 10 minutes. at our second Florida home, the mailbox was a mere 100 steps from the front door. one day I got mad and decided I would run away. I packed my back pack with a stuffed rabbit toy, my world atlas, a juice box and a bag of cheese its. I walked right out my bedroom door, past the living room where my mom was and out the front door. I walked to the mailbox and sat down on the other side of the 5 inch wide post with my arms crossed. I ate my cheese its then decided I was done being on the run. My mom just stood at the front door and took pictures. 

6. I requested the song "Butterfly" by Crazy Town on the radio 20 times in one week. -how's that for a throwback?

7.  I volunteered over 4000 hours.
between middle school and high school, volunteering was just what I did. 

8. I visited France and was blessed with a second family there. 
I was part of an exchange program and my family and I got alone so well that we still talk to this day. 

9. I won lots of awards. 
I wrote a paper on adoption, did a science fair project on dominate eye colors, wrote a paper on adoption, did a science fair project on tennis ball bouncing, and I painted a mural about adoption. #school.

10. I was bullied. over and over. 
I hated high school. It was literally the worst 4 years of my life. If I wasn't getting bullied for being the brown kid with white parents, it was because I wasn't a size zero but still ate pizza. 

11. I graduated high school with honors. 
yeah. #ididthatish

12. I moved far away from home.
After high school, I just needed a break from the city I had grown up in so, I went to Ohio. 

13. I had my heart broken.
When I was in college in Ohio, I thought I had my life all figured out. I was on cloud nine until I saw what was going on when I wasn't around. 

14. I moved back home and excelled.
The first three months I was back home, I literally wasted away. I finally realized that living in my old room for the rest of my life was not ideal so I went back to school graduated, and got a job. 

15. I started a blog. 
hello. how ya doin'?

16. I went to two NFL games.
I was in the same airspace as the Gronk

17. I became a momma..well, a fur momma that is. 
I adopted my little fur ball of love, Chloe. 

18. I travelled the world solo.
I was so lucky to have the opportunities that I did growing up. I was able to Europe and I chose to do it on my own. I used those few weeks as reflection time and learned so much about myself.

19. I realized my true friends.
this was definitely one of the hardest lessons/realizations I have had to face. I went from having 20+ "best friends" to literally zero-well, I thought. When I hit a low place, I saw who came to my rescue and who didn't even notice. 

20. I met a boy.
We met online. shortly after we met in person, we started spending every day we would together. 

21. I fell in love.
Shortly after we started talking, I knew that I loved him. He quickly became my best friend and we did everything together. 

22. I became a Mrs. 
March 12, 2016 I married my best friend and it was better than any fairy tale or dream. 

23. I scuba dove in the Caribbean
honeymoon, please take me back. 

24. We bought our first home. 

25. I decided that turning 25, isn't so bad after all. 
The number 25, is still scary to think about but as I reflect on all that I have done and dream about all that I will do, 25 years is nothing. 

I am ready to go make many more years of memories. 


  1. Happy almost birthday, friend! This is such a fun post :)

  2. Awww I love this so much!!! Happy almost Birthday to you!! :)

  3. Happy birthday in three days, mine is in 19 days :) Loved all of the random tidbits.

  4. Happiest of birthdays! You've accomplished so much so far!

  5. Oh I love this! I totally wish you still lived in Ohio so we could hang out in real life! I loved getting to know you better with the deeper, more personal facts! Happy early birthday, love! xo

  6. Happy almost birthday! Love getting to know you more - "Butterfly" was my jam back in the day too :)

  7. Happy almost 25th birthday! I loved Butterfly too :) I also am a little scared to turn 25 in January but I think it will be a wonderful year.

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. And now Butterfly is stuck in my head lol :) Yay for 25!! Happy (almost) birthday! I hope it brings you a ton of happiness.

  9. I feel like everyone faces a time in their life where they realize who their true friends are. This usually happens around your mid 20's because everyone is adjusting to new phases in their lives. But that being said, after I got rid of my fake friends I was much happier!

     - Sierra Berry ♥ @itsberrystylish  


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