Fall Date Ideas

Happy First Day of Fall, Y'all! 
Fall/Autumn is my favorite season. There is just something about the cooler air, smell of pumpkins and cinnamon, warm coffee, and extra close cuddling that gives me all the heart eyes. With all of that also comes the best season for dating in my opinion. 

-Day Dates-
• apple picking
•create a fall photo shoot
•pumpkin patch
•go for a scenic drive if the leaves change where you are
•stuff a scare crow
•have a baking day full of yummy fall treats
•horseback ride along a lake or beach

-Night Dates-
•go on a hay ride
•visit haunted houses/go on a ghost tour
•camp out in the back yard with a fire and marshmallows
•carve out pumpkins and roast the seeds
•attend a fall festival 
• go craft beer tasting
•watch the sunset all bundled up

What are some of your favorite Fall Dates?


  1. We love fall dates! One of our "dates" will be our 1 year anniversary photo shoot! I am so excited, Timmy not so much!

  2. Oh I love these. I need to add these to my list especially for the weekends we don't have the boys.

  3. Love these ideas! Bring on all the yummy fall treats and a trip to the pumpkin patch <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. So many of these suggestions are on my Fall bucket list!!! I really want to go on a hayride. I have not been on one since I was young. Great suggestions girl!

  5. I love fall dates! The air is crisp and there are so many fun fall festivals!

  6. I'm surprised I didn't see corn maze on this list. I think I'd have to drive pretty far our of the city for some of these ideas, lol. I flew out of the state last year to do a fun corn maze. We have plenty of haunted houses and concerts here though, that's for sure. And beer. Pumpkin Ale is happening.

  7. Love these! Fall dates are my favorite :)

  8. Apple picking is always #1 on my list :) I can't believe it's already fall!

  9. Such fun ideas! When my hubby & I were just dating we used to sit on the porch swing bundled up in blankets and talk under the stars this time of year. I can't wait to do that again. My hubby says he loves fall because i'm always cold and want to snuggle more.

  10. Well, I'd have to get a date first, lol! However, even though I'm a Summer girl I love these ideas, particularly the night ones. The craft beer tasting and roasting marshmallows sounds awesome.


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