Thursday Huddle [Week 2: Football Basics]

If you have been around here for a while, you already know that sports are kinda a big thing to us. To be in this household, you must be one thing: a New England Sports Fan. 
We John takes football very seriously around here down to the superstition level, really. I like it because of the yummy craft beers, the cute outfits, the ribbons and bows, and the food!

So, as previously stated, J is a football maniac and has been since he was three, maybe even before then. There are no "ifs", "ands", or "buts", about if we are going to watch the game or not. If the Pat's are on, we will be watching in full game attire. When we first started dating, I thought he was kidding..when I realized he was serious, I didn't fully grasp to what extent he was going but, I quickly learned. At first, I was irritated. I didn't get it and I didn't care. 

However, seeing the passion he had for this team changed my mind and I figured I could spare four hours on a Sunday to try and learn...but of course, when in doubt, fake it! 

Here is my "cheat sheet" of sorts for the fellow friends, girlfriends, fiancées, wives, whoever that just simply doesn't get it! 

- FOOTBALL 101 -

Football is war. Essentially, it is a strategic game of Risk, where the 100 yards on the field are the battleground and there are 22 men on the field trying to fight for the win. 

The offense (the team with the ball) makes their way up the field to score a touchdown. The defense must stop them…simple?….not quite.

All progress in a football game is measured in yards. The offense tries to get as much "yardage" as they can to try and move closer to the other teams end zone. 
The offense has four chances, known as downs to get the ball 10 yards. Once they get those 10 yards, they are given another set of downs. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the 10.
So when you hear 2nd and 6 it means that the offense has 6 yards to go and they are on their second down. It gets a little more complex when you get to the 4th down. Yes, technically, this is your last chance to get your 10 yards and why not take it?
Because if you take it and miss, the opposing team then gets to start, from exactly the spot that you left off, only they are headed in the other direction...much closer to the end zone. You could also use your 4th down to kick a field goal.

This is where strategy comes in, is it worth the risk to try for the 1st down? Or is it better to punt (which is like a mini-kickoff)?
Scoring Basics: a touchdown is six points. An extra point is worth one (but teams can go for a two-point conversion, where they get another play to make it in the end zone, rather than kicking an extra point). A field goal is worth three points. And a safety (when a player with the ball is tackled in his own end zone) is worth two points.
A field goal is made when the team has run out of downs and aren’t close enough to the end zone to go for a touchdown, but close enough that the kicker can kick through the goalposts

A safety is when the quarterback is sacked in their own end zone.
Hold Up! What’s a sack?

A sack is when the quarterback (think Tom Brady) is tackled before he is able to throw the ball. Sacks are a big deal. Quarterbacks have had their careers ended by properly timed sacks, remember the beginning of The Blind Side?
false start is when a member of the offense moves before the play actually starts. Offsides/ Encroachment is when a player on the defense moves before the play starts.
A turnover can happen one of two ways: a fumble, which is just what it sounds like, someone on the offense bumbling a pass or toss and it falling to the ground to be picked up by the opposing teams defense. Or the ball can be intercepted, which is also, just what it sounds like, the ball is intercepted when the quarterback throws it to someone. There are many intricacies to turnovers: whether someone has been downed (tackled) or not, if it is a fumble vs. a dead ball. 

-A yellow flag on the play indicates that the referee is calling a foul on the play. We all have to wait on the edge of our seats to find out which player did what and when. 
-If you see the coaches throw down a red flag, this is called a "coach's challenge," and it means that the team charged with the foul disagrees with the ref's call. 
-If the coach tosses a red flag, the play is reviewed by the refs and if they reverse it — great: All is fine and the team is happy! If the play is reviewed and not reversed, the team that threw the red flag is charged with a time-out. Coaches can only throw a red flag in the first 28 minutes of each half. (In the last two minutes of each half, any questionable plays are automatically reviewed by the refs.)
All in all, it is a lot to take it but, it is not that hard to grasp! Plus, if you have a cute guy with you, I am sure he will want to show off his knowledge and teach you a few things so, don't be afraid to ask!

So now, are you ready for some football?!

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  1. These are some helpful tips to break the game down! I'm in a fantasy league for the first time this year in an attempt to really understand football, but my boyfriend is still doing most of the work for my draft and starting line up haha

  2. These are such good tips to help understand football. We go to a lot of football games but I admit I am just there for the good food and drinks! Timmy loves football so I am to be careful to make full day plans on Saturday or Sunday or do anything Monday nights!

  3. It's so sad that I still try so hard to follow the game lmao I just enjoy the snacks and yelling when I know there was a touch down.

  4. Oh my goodness, this was so helpful!! I still had to re-read a few parts over and over again before I finally think I got it but this is the closest I've come to understanding football lol. Most of the time everything just goes over my head but now I feel like I'll actually understand some of what is going on in the games :D Thank you for breaking it down so nicely for newbs like me ^^

  5. Really helpful! I have no idea about football. I have tried to sit and watch it multiple times and it is just to confusing for me. Football isn't as big of a deal here in Canada but it would be nice to at least watch the superbowl and understand it. Cheers!


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