Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#RickerPartyof3: A Woodland Baby Shower

Hey lovies! I am so excited to share the events of this past weekend with you! 

Noah's sweet godparents hosted a Woodland themed shower that was everything I could've hoped for! 

John's crafty mama made pins for all of the notable ladies: grandmothers, great grandmothers, god mothers, and aunt

This sweet boy is already so spolied

The ladies from my dad's office that I have known since I was 5. 

guest book, guess the due date calendar and the "don't say baby" game set up! 

John's grandmother and momma

My little sister

Julie and Jackie-Noah's God Parents

The great grandmamas to be

my sister, John's momma, John's grandmothers, and my momma

The shower was so much fun with all my favorite people, amazing food (and GORGEOUS food platters), and all the love for this sweet boy! I can't wait for all of these lovely people in my life to meet Noah! 

What date do you think he will make his debut?

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#RickerPartyof3: Nursery Inspiration

You guys, I can not even explain how excited I am for Baby R's nursery. It may come to some who have been around here for a while that his nursery will not be sports themed...I know, right? John and I came to the agreement that the nursery will be a woodland theme and then once he transitions to his a "big boy" room, we will break out all the sports items! 

So, with that, I am sharing my nursery vision board! 

I try to work on this sweet things nursery a little bit every weekend. I can not wait for it to all come together! 

What themes are you thinking for your little peanuts space?

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

#RickerPartyof3: Second Trimester Chat

Hi loves! I am back today with a second trimester chat! 
If you missed my first trimester, click here

I am literally in shock that this pregnancy is going by so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and now there are only three more short months to go until this sweet peanut is here! By now, if you follow me on any social media, you will know that we have picked a name for this sweet one: Noah. 

How Many Weeks?
27 Weeks today

How Big is Baby?
Baby Noah is the size of a head of lettuce! Weighing in a little over 2 pounds and 14.4 inches long. 

Boy or Girl?
as you all already know, we are having a boy! I am so excited. We both said that regardless of boy or girl, we just wanted a happy and healthy baby but, in my perfect world, I have always wanted a boy first and then a girl! 

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How is Momma Feeling?
I could not be feeling any better! Staying hydrated, much more active/energized and loving all these baby kicks! 

How is Dad Feeling?
John is such a gem. He truly is so supportive and sweet! He is definitely getting anxious and excited but he really has helped with everything around the house! 

Ice cream, cold melon and macaroni and cheese! 

Really, none. I guess being uncomfortable at night (size wise) but other than that, I have been feeling great. 

Anxiously awaiting my Baby Shower and loving on all of our sweet boys ultrasound pictures. We are also working hard to get the house clean and ready for this sweet one as well as his nursery! 

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal [Recipe]

Ain't nobody got time for a breakfast with 100 components that takes forever. This is why oatmeal is one of my favorite go-to's and you can even make it ahead of time. 

One of my favorite oatmeal "recipes" is an apple cinnamon oatmeal. This literally takes 10 minutes and always keeps me full throughout the day. 

What you will do:

1. pour the oatmeal, water and salt into a bowl, give it a quick stir and microwave for 3-4 minutes
2. while you're waiting on that, in a small pan on medium heat, add the apples with a little bit of water
3. with a spatchula, keep stirring the apples to make sure they do not burn
4. once the apples have started to soften, add in 1/2 tsp of brown sugar and the cinnamon
5. these should be done around the same time as the oatmeal
6. add your milk to the oatmeal and give it a stir, top with the apples, left over brown sugar, and pecans


If you are looking to make this ahead of time, follow the same steps but pour the final product into a mason jar and seal. When your ready, remove the top, add 1/2 cup of milk and microwave for 2 minutes. 

What is your favorite quick breakfast?

Monday, March 13, 2017

One Year as a Mrs.

365 days. 365 days since I became Mrs. Ricker and that is an absolutely mind blowing fact to me. It feels like just yesterday I was up at crazy hours of the night planning seating arrangements and song playlists. This past year was absolutely without a doubt the biggest most life-changing year of my life. And I couldn't be happier about it. 

Becoming a wife wasn't/isn't the easiest task. We had our ups and downs and fights and celebrations but it is always worth it. 

Here's a look into just some of our days as Mr. and Mrs. 

March 12, 2016: Our Fairytale Wedding

March 2016: Celebrating our Newlywed Status in gorgeous St. Lucia

May 2016: Celebrating this guy's 27th birthday

May 2016: We became homeowners-what a task! 

June 2016: Attended Big Papi's last game

October 2016: Our Family is growing by two feet! 

December 2016: The Mr. was on his way to Nursing School

December 2016: Merry Christmas from the Mr. and Mrs. (and Baby+Yoda)

January 2017: We announced to the world we would be parents...

...and that we would be welcoming a baby boy!

February 2016: Happy Valentines Day from the Mr. and Mrs. 

March 2017: Celebrating one year with you by my side. 

Like I said, marriage isn't and won't always be easy but getting through daily adult tasks and major life milestones is way better with this amazing man by my side. I couldn't be more happy or proud to be his wife and see him constantly strive to be a better man for our family. I am so excited to be welcoming a baby boy into this world with him by my side. 

Happy 1 Year as my Mr.!
I will love you forever. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Pack With Me: A Weekend Get Away

This weekend is super special to J and I because Saturday is our one year anniversary as Mr. and Mrs.! It is actually pretty mind blowing to me that it has already been a year. As much as I had my hopes up of going on a lavish vacay/ possibly returning to our honeymoon spot in St. Lucia, due to work schedules and more importantly-the little watermelon seed growing inside my belly, we opted for a quick weekend getaway. 

This weekend we will be taking the short drive up to Orlando to stay at the Castle Hotel. This hotel is a Marriott Autograph Collection property and absolutely stunning. Complete with a heated outdoor swimming pool, full spa, and four restaurant on property we will be living the high life! 

Anyways, since we aren't going for long, I thought it would be fun to share with you my Weekend Get Away Essentials! 

First things first, the bag! 
There is no shortage of travel bags in my closet from massive and small rollers to totes and duffles, I have it all. For quick trips, I usually opt for a weekender style bag. These aren't as large as a full sized tote but are stylish, trendy and will fit all you need for the weekend with some additional space for anything you may pick up along the way. 


These three are all under $100 and the perfect size. (Target has some great styles right now for under $40!) What I look for in the perfect weekender bag is a comfy handle/shoulder strap (for J, of course haha!), a small compartment on either the outside or inside for accessories that I don't want to fall into the black hole, and space for 3-4 outfits, a swimsuit, toiletries, and 2 pairs of shoes. 

After the bag is picked out, I usually do my toiletries next. For me, this is pretty simple as I always have a travel bag pre-packed. When I find cosmetics that I absolutely love, I buy 2 or 3 of them at a time. This way I always have a backup at home and I can have one for on the go. I do try to organize and refresh my "go bag" each month to keep it fresh and updated. 

Once all that is done, it is time to tackle the outfits. It is always most important to look at the weather and see what you will be working with. In Florida, it is pretty predictable-either hot as hell or raining. For the sake of vacation, we are lucky that there isn't any rain insight this weekend. I also think it is important to discuss what types of things you will be doing on your getaway to know if dresses or athleisure would be more appropriate.  For this weekend, it will be a mix of a casual wandering around Orlando, hanging by the pool, and a nice dinner. 

wedges $32//sandals $22//crossbody bag $22

In addition to these items, I will also be bringing a swim suit cover up and since we are driving, a rain jacket is always in my car just in case! 

What are your weekend get away essentials?