Monday, January 30, 2017

#RickerPartyof3: From Husband to Daddy

Since this little watermelon seed of love in my belly will be a big part of SEBlogs now, I want to start a new series of sorts titled #RickerPartyof3. For those of you that have followed for a while, you may know that John and I chose to have a wedding hashtag which was #RickerPartyofTwo so, I thought it would be fitting to make a 'family hashtag' of #RickerPartyof3. I am planning on this series to be a documentation of my journey becoming a mom, life as a new mom, and everything inbetween.

On Tuesday October 18, 2016 at 715am, I found out that I was going to become a momma. This also meant that John was going to become a dad. Although I was beyond excited, I didn't fully grasp the change that was about to happen. Since it was a Tuesday, I was due at work at 8:30am. I don't know what made me take a pregnancy test while I was getting ready but I just felt compelled. The whole way to work I was full of happy tears and butterflies. I pulled myself together and got my booty into work.

Since I know the chance of a false positive, I decided to spend my lunch break buying 4 other brands of tests and taking them-the verdict was in, we were expecting a baby! Although I was over the moon excited, I still decided to keep it to myself for a few days before telling John for a few reasons. I wanted to fully process it myself before telling him and also, I wanted to tell him in a fun way.

I decided I couldn't keep it to myself any longer so, on Sunday October 30, I did it!

I made him a box (out of a BarkBox) containing a hand painted card by me, pregnancy tests, and a Patriots onesie.

The card I painted on the outside said "Only the best husbands..." and on the inside "get promoted to daddy...Baby Ricker Due June 2017"

John was in the kitchen and I walked out of our room with the box in hand and said "I have a little present for you". He originally thought I was kidding because it was a BarkBox, box. He opened it and started to read the card and looked at it for a minute. I could see him read it a second time and then it hit him. He had the sweetest and cutest reaction. I was able to record it but it makes him embarrassed so, I will keep it off the internet. We were both full of happy tears and excitement. 

How did you tell your s/o that you were expecting?

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

#RickerPartyof3: First Trimester Chat

Hi lovies! Today, I thought it would be fun for this watermelon seed of mine and I to check in with you for a bumpdate/ trimester recap! 

How Many Weeks? 
I am 14 weeks today! 

How Big is Baby?
The baby is the size of a plum weighing in at .49oz and 2.09 inches long.

Boy or Girl?
Still unknown to us! Hopefully we will be finding out in 2-3 weeks! We have decided to go for a 4D ultrasound and the place we are going has a 90% rate of being able to tell at 16 weeks! 

How many people know?
Now, our whole families and everyone that follows me on social media! We decided to announce it to the world on New Years Eve! 

How is Momma Feeling?
Honestly, I have felt really great. I have definitely been way more exhausted that pre-watermelon seed but I am not complaining about the extra naps and rest-brownie points to hubby for encouraging it too! As far as symptoms go, earlier on around 6-7 weeks I had a few bad nausea spells but they dissipated quickly.  

How is Dad Feeling?
You guys...John has been amazing. since I have been sleeping more, he has really helped make sure all the housework gets done from laundry and dishes to deep cleaning. He is also SO sweet and makes sure that I have everything I need and if theres something I want, he doesn't hesitate to run and grab it. He's definitely excited and I am loving it! 

oh boy. I have really only had one outrageous craving...deviled eggs. I don't know what made me even think about them but, the other day I was sitting on the couch and suddenly got the worst craving for deviled eggs. After I got my fix of those, I then wanted the Honey BBQ fritos twists. Once both of those were consumed, all was right in my world. 

meat. we normally eat a lot of chicken dishes in our house. I will still make them for John and that doesn't bother me but, I typically won't eat it with him. I will eat all the sides or snack on something else in the house but for some reason, meat is just not appealing to me right now. 

Excited! Now that we are past the dreaded 12 week mark, excitement is over shadowing fear and uncertainty! I am so anxious to find out the gender and to start shopping for this little peanut! I am also feeling so showered with love from my family and John's. Both of our momma's have been so sweet and text me frequently for updates! I think it is safe to say they are excited about their first grandchild! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Life Lately...

You'll have to excuse the dust around here, it has totally been way too long. 

I am excited to say that I am happy and back for good with some very exciting news! 

First things first, the original reason for my absence was that I got promoted at work! I started off at my company as a two year old teacher which I adored but like most people, I wanted more. So I worked for it. I went back to school to get my pre-kindergarten certifications and then back again to get my directors certifications. I was first promoted to a lead VPK teacher and then shortly after to the Co-Director of our whole center which holds 191 children. With both of these changes, came a bit of a bigger work load with lesson plans and such so that took the highest priority. 

Secondly and the more exciting announcement is that...

Baby Ricker is on the way! 
Due June 2017

On top of the work shennanys, I was dead freaking tired and would literally come home at 530 and crash until my alarm went off the next morning-if you know me at all, you will know that that is totally not me. If you follow me of any form of social media, you have probably already heard this but, if not, this little bundle of joy growing in my tummy is the main cause of the radio silence. 

Now that I am a little less tired and have a handle on the work side of things, I am ready to bring my little piece of the internet back to life and I do hope you will enjoy this new journey I will be sharing!