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Similar to a wedding registry, baby registries are definitely something to get excited over. However, don't fool yourself into thinking it'll be easy. It is very very overwhelming. We registered at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. We did our Buy Buy Baby Registry in store and although I had researched various products for hours, it still took us just over 3 hours to do our whole registry. The Babies R Us registry was about 45 minutes because I chose to do it online and basically just copied our other registry onto it. 

Anyways, everyone will tell you their "Must Have" items so I am here to share mine! 

What are your new baby essentials? 

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  1. So fun! I just got married back in November and we're not looking to have kids for awhile but I loved creating my wedding registry so I imagine a baby registry is just as fun.

  2. Love these
    Suggestions! Such a great list you've put together here :)

  3. I loved the Rock 'n' Play and the Boppy pillow!

  4. The boppy is for sure an essential!! I am due with my second baby in July and I think I'm going to try out the DockaTot!!

  5. The boppy is a godsend! and you'll use it for a while

  6. Love that Boppy pillow! Looking through the links now

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