#RickerPartyof3: A Letter To You

A letter to you, My Sweet Boy,

It is very hard to believe that in just two short months, you will no longer be a face on a screen but a baby boy that I can hold in my arms. I feel like it was just the other day that I found out you were coming. I am so excited to meet you and have so many questions that will be answered. What will you look like? Will you have my eyes or daddy's? Curly hair or straight? Regardless of all of that though, I am just so excited to meet the perfect little boy that will be the best mix of your daddy and I.

I don't think there is any greater gift in the world or bond you can have than with your baby. It’s amazing for to me to feel you grow inside of me every day. You are one with me and once you enter this world I will protect you with everything in me. I will wipe your tears when you cry and make sure you have everything you need and most of the things you want. I look forward to seeing your smile and holding you tight if for any reason you may be scared through the night. It is evident that you are already so loved. There are a lot of people that will be there throughout your life to help you develop and grow into the brave and intelligent man I know you will be. We already know that you're a strong one. You proved that for the first time at 3am around 22 weeks when you had some sort of an energy surge and wanted to have a party in my tummy. Your daddy and I thought it was pretty funny.

I do have to tell you though, although I am elated and can not wait for your arrival, I am nervous. This whole time I have been confident but at this moment, anxiousness is lingering. Will I be a good mommy? Will I know how to answer all of your questions? Will I always know what to do? I really thought that working with children for the last 7 years that I would be golden but now, now that you are mine and I know you will be looking to me to guide you through life I am nervous. I am sure that not every day will be perfect but I know that I will always try my hardest. Luckily for you , you have two amazing grandmothers who will also help me along the way.

Your daddy is excited. He is more than ready to introduce you to your favorite sports teams and teach you the ins and outs of football. His passion for the game is something I haven't quite ever seen before but, it is one of the reasons I fell in love with him. It is something he is excited to share with you and a bond that will be forever strong.

We truly can not wait to hold you in our arms,
We will meet you soon sweet boy.



  1. This is so sweet. It brings me back to my pregnancy with my first born!

  2. So sweet, they grow so fast, enjoy it!


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