#RickerPartyof3: Nursery Inspiration

You guys, I can not even explain how excited I am for Baby R's nursery. It may come to some who have been around here for a while that his nursery will not be sports themed...I know, right? John and I came to the agreement that the nursery will be a woodland theme and then once he transitions to his a "big boy" room, we will break out all the sports items! 

So, with that, I am sharing my nursery vision board! 

I try to work on this sweet things nursery a little bit every weekend. I can not wait for it to all come together! 

What themes are you thinking for your little peanuts space?

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  1. It's so much fun to design a nursery! Your ideas are adorable :) sometimes I wish I was having a girl and a boy for the sole purpose of getting to pick out cute stuff for each...and then I realize how crazy that would be haha

  2. This is so darn cute. I love the idea of a woodland themed nursey (it's what I'm dreaming for my future little ones to), and you've found all the cutest pieces. Not to mention the letters you created are too darn perfect to fit in with all of this!

  3. I love the fox theme! It reminds me of the lumberjack/woodsy theme I always wanted to do for our son!

  4. I always loved the idea of a woodland themed nursery... it never happened, but I just love how gender neutral it can be :)


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