I'll Take A Decaf, Please V. 1

And...let's make it an iced. If you have been following along via Twitter (where I have been more active than here), you'll know that I gave up caffeine cold turkey when I found out that I was pregnant with Noah. I know you don't have to give up caffeine but it was just a choice I decided to make. Anyways, I always forget how freakishly hot it gets here in FL during the summer so, if we were to meet for a coffee date, you could bank on me ordering an Iced Decaf!

Also, if we were having coffee, I would tell you that...

my heart could not be any more full. it is so true when "they" say that you "don't know what love is until you have a baby" now, of course I love J and my family and friends but my love for Noah is definitely a different kind of love. it is crazy to think that for the next 18 years at least, this little love bug will count on me for everything. I often find myself at night looking over to his bassinet just watching him to make sure he is okay and I soak up every snuggle I can!

i know my blog is lacking like woah. however, I am okay with that. I totally know and appreciate that I had an insanely easy pregnancy but I also knew at the time that I really wanted to enjoy every second of being pregnant. If I wanted to take six naps in a day, I would. I know that that caused my blog to hit the back burner along with the last few weeks of having a newborn in the house. I would rather soak in the baby snuggles than stare at my laptop screen. Although this is still true, I do still love this piece of the internet and want to get it back to a fully functioning blog. So I am attempting to fit in at least 45 minutes a day!

i am obsessed with the craziest of things lately. y'all, Jamie Foxx's game show, Beat Shaazam has been my jam lately! I watch it religiously and totally get way too into it with the audience. #lamemomprobs. Also, I have been so in love with the idea of knitting. John's mom made Noah the most gorgeous blanket and now I have the bug to want to try and make one as well...does this make me a real mom? a grandmom? I don't know but I will just be over here pinning all the knitting things.

along with re-upping my blog, I am revamping my photography business. I mean this just makes sense to me. not only do I LOVE photography (plus, the extra cash doesn't hurt) but now I have my own little model to help stage sessions with!

at this point, I would tell you it was time for me to go..and it is because my little man is getting hungry. But, we will meet again soon. What would you share with me on our [iced] coffee date?


  1. Soak in the mummy time with your cute little guy girlie. :)


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