Binxy Baby: Review

Hi lovies! 

Today we are talking about the problem all mamas face when going shopping with a newborn-where do you put the stuff? When shopping with a newborn, you have them, the diaper bag and then a shopping cart. You could put them in their car seat but then where do the groceries go? You could wear them but-let me tell you, after an hour of perusing through the black hole that is Target, your back will hate you. That is where the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock comes in. 

The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock is perfect because you are able to have the baby in the cart which keeps your hands free and still have space for all your items. The shopping cart hammock safely secures on to the frame of the cart and then you can either place your child in the hammock and secure them or place them in their carseat in the hammock. Since it is a hammock, it hangs above the cart and leaves plenty of space for all of your items underneath. Then, when you are done, you can easily fold up the hammock and throw it in your diaper bag. 

The hammock can be used with a newborn carrier or with just your little one. I am loving using it with the carseat. The hammock has a strap that safely and securely holds the car seat in. Once tightened, it will not budge (I tested this prior to putting Noah in) I typically place the diaper bag underneath him and then have the whole rest of the cart for whatever random stuff I find. 

I have also used the shopping cart hammock without his carrier and although he loved it and it was easier in the sense of not having to try to attach it to the cart while also holding his carseat, I am not a fan of randoms getting too close to him in stores. I feel like when he is in his carrier, he is a little more protected from that happening. 

Although I am a mama of one, the shopping cart hammock does offer variability so if you have multiples, you can use it as well! I am a super fan of the Shop Binxy Shopping Cart Hammock and more importantly, Noah is too! 


  1. People are so innovative, what a great resource for those mums out there. Also, your kid is the cutest. :)


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