Monday, October 9, 2017

Mama Talk: New Baby Essentials

some of the items mentioned were sent to me as a gift in exchange for promotion and review. 

Hi lovies! I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far! I can definitely say that I am. And, can I just say that it is 10am- I have gotten two loads of laundry done, unloaded the dishwasher, and got ready and the babe is still sleeping!? #momwin

Anyways, today is all about the items that for the last three months, I have found to be essential as a new mom. You may remember that a while back, before Noah was born, I had posted an 'essentials post' that you can find here. Ladies, I don't know what kind of high horse I was on writing about essentials when the little one wasn't even here yet and I was a first time mom but, I have removed myself from that horse and learned what is actually essential for newborns/first time moms. 

Graco Infant Carseat+Base $155 : obviously, this should go without saying.

 Ergo Baby Carrier (cool air) $179+ Ergo Infant Insert $25 : I find myself reaching for the carrier way more than the stroller because it much easier for me to keep Noah close. If any of you moms know, random people have no problem going up to the stroller and get too close to the baby for comfort. 

*Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock $50 : as much as I love wearing Noah, sometimes it gets a bit much when grocery shopping or perusing Target for hours so I love to be able to put him in the hammock in his covered car seat. This saves space in the cart and makes shopping super easy. 

 Bottles + Bottle Warmer $90 : The bottle brand we use, has a gift set which is what we got that includes 6 bottles, the warmer and some other things. I love the warmer because it is super quick and easy to use.

 Bottle Sterilizer $70 : this literally makes life so easy. The Dr. Brown's one is a little oversized so it takes up a decent amount of counter space but it takes about 12 minutes and holds 6 bottles. 

Boppy Newborn Lounger $30 : I didn't really think that this would be something I would need/use but John's mom made us get it and it is great! When I am cooking or doing my make up, I am able to put him in his little seat and still keep him close. 

Pacifier $5 : I know pacifiers can be pretty controversial but we definitely use them and they are a godsend! 

Some other notable items that I may be more essential when the little ones are a little older: 
-a stroller, I know that once he is transitioned into a bigger carseat and out of his infant one, I will use his stroller much more but for right now, it is just kind of cumbersome. 

-infant bath tub, although they are cute, I have put Noah in his maybe 4 times. It is much easier to just bring the baby into the shower with you. 

-bassinet, call me an awful mom but I don't use his bassinet. It actually is great for holding my laptop/phone by the bed (haha) we have chosen to safely cosleep with Noah. 

-bouncers/swings, we registered for two and have used them a total of three times together. again, maybe these are things that we will use when he is a little older but currently they just sit there.

I know essentials will be different from new mom to new mom but these are mine! 
What are some essentials for you?