mom life: a six month update

if you are a mom, I am sure you have heard the ever so popular statement such as "it just goes so quick, doesn't it?". I have to say, prior to being blessed with my little man, I would roll my eyes at that because from the outside, it seemed like my friends little ones were the same size for forever.

well boy, have I been corrected on that. my little 8lb. 3oz, 20in long baby is now 18lbs. 14oz. and 27in long in just 6 short months. this little love bug of mine rolls [constantly] from front to back and back to front, sits up on his own, has two teeth coming in (both front bottom ones), has belly laughs for days, eats pureed foods, and will definitely be on the move soon. So, lets take a little trip down memory lane of my little man.

a new arrival

one month you were the snuggliest little monkey man and I refused to put you down. you smiled for the first time, took your first trip to Target, and started sleeping through the night.

two months you developed a love for bath time, went on your first flight, and made the sweetest coos.

three months you giggled for the first time, gained control of that big 'ol head of yours and started to like tummy time

four months you flew solo with mommy, rolled front to back, and started to really recognize mommy's voice

five months you started to sit up with support, ate avocados, and caught your first cold

six months you sit up on your own, pump your legs like you want to crawl and babble like a fool.

I truly could keep you here for about five hours with picture after picture but, I will spare you. If you did want to see more pictures of this monkey, follow Sarah Emily Blogs on instagram!

so, life as a mom. To be cliche, I have never known a love as great as this. Noah Foley is my whole world. In the morning when he wakes up, he shoots a contagiously large smile usually accompanied by a giggle. His eyes light up when he sees me, he has started to reach for me. I frequently find myself wondering, how is he already here?  and more shockingly, how is he already six months old? Time with this little bug truly does fly. My world revolves around this 6 month old little guy in the best way.

there  few questions I have gotten since becoming a mom so I figured, there is no better way to answer them than with a quick q&a.

what has your favorite mommy moment been?
I can't really say that there is one 'moment' that takes the cake. for me, everyday holds something special and notable. A few moments that stand out though are his first smile/giggle, when he found his feet, the way his eyes light up when he sees me, and seeing him start to show interest in various people/things/toys.

what is the worst/most embarrassing moment?
ok so, poop story #momlife. My parents, Noah, J and I went to dinner one night at a pretty small family owned restaurant. I went to the bathroom with Noah to change him but literally just brought his changing pad, wipes and a diaper. well, when we got to the changing table, I quickly realized he had had a blowout (aka there was poop everywhere) I am talking like all over his outfit. so I got his diaper all changed but since I decided to not bring his diaper bag in-or my phone to send a quick sos text, we were s.o.l. I literally walked out of the bathroom with a baby in a diaper. I wouldn't say I was necessarily embarrassed but it was a total #momfail moment. needless to say, the diaper bag is never left behind now.

what is your top mommy product?
when Noah was younger, I swore by the Binxy Baby cart hammock. Now, I swear by the Bobby brand cart cover.

best mama hack?
when pureeing fruits/veggies, freeze them in ice cube trays! they will last 3-4 months, and it is a super easy way to portion food for the babes.

what is a weird mom thing you do?
so, back to poop, if a significant amount gets on Noah's outfits, I throw the whole outfit away (don't shun me) here is my reasoning behind this, usually it always happens when we are out and about, though I do have ziplocks on me at all times, I don't want super gross soiled clothing just hanging out in a bag all day. Also, depending on the fabric/color, it will stain anyways and well, that just isn't cute!

well mamas, that is all I have for today. I am going to hug my big six month old a little tighter tonight while I silently pray that time slows down even just a little bit.