My Pregnancy Journey

Hi lovies! 

So, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to share my pregnancy journey with you all but I wasn’t sure how to format it all. Since day one I have been jotting notes and such down about various milestones and things that have happened so now, is the point where I formulate the jumbles into a readable post! 

Month 1 [End of September/October]: The month I found out. There were so many thoughts and feelings that spun around my mind when I first took that pregnancy test and again when I shared the exciting news with John. His reaction still brings all the happy tears to my eyes when I think about it. The first thing I did after sharing the news with him was scheduled a doctors appointment. Although I did take eight at-home tests, I still wanted “official” results. I was referred to as a “rare” case because I knew so early on. I was kind of confused at how women who are actually trying don’t know right away but I guess it isn’t as uncommon as one would think. Anyways, once they had me test at the office and confirmed it was true, I was over the moon and on pinterest pinning all the nursery ideas. John and I celebrated quietly while keeping the news to ourselves. I also started reading up on pregnancy do's and don'ts, what labor is like and old wives tales for gender prediction. 

Month 2 [November]: This was one of our 'milestone' months. Although it was still very early to announce the exciting news, we knew it was a perfect time for us to share with our very close family as John's parents would be in town for Thanksgiving and we knew we wanted to tell both of our parents around the same time in person. We made them sweet little boxes with a onesie, booties, a pacifier and a poem. Both sets of our parents were over the moon excited! I spent most of my evenings still pinteresting ideas and researching different pregnancy tips and advice. For pregnancy symptoms, I had a few mornings/afternoons where I was a little queasy but nothing past that. I also developed a major food aversion to meat-needless to say, I did not stuff the turkey on Thanksgiving. 

Month 3 [December]: December marked the end of my first trimester and the beginning of my second. I know some of you mamas will 'hate' me but I was very lucky and had a mostly symptom-less first trimester. There was not one day that I fell victim to morning sickness. The worst I had was some severe nausea but it passed pretty quickly. As far as my body, I was still comfy in my usual clothing. I would say the only "change" I noticed was that my boobs were getting a little bigger-nothing overly noticeable but I could tell. December was big to us because at our second doctor's appointment, we heard our sweet one's heartbeat for the first time-let me tell you, ALL the ugly happy tears were shed! We also decided to announce to the world our big news on New Year's Eve. 

Month 4 [January]: I love love love loved January. We saw our little one for the first time, found out that he was a he and we announced that news to everyone! January was the month we also started shopping for this little love bug. The afternoon that we found out, we did a photo session reveal then headed straight to the baby stores and bought a ton of sweet outfits. I started to get a little bump but nothing overly noticeable. My cravings started in January as well, my most "odd" one was honey barbecue fritos and deviled eggs. I also wanted watermelon, chocolate milk shakes and pita chips like no other. 

Month 5 [February]: As amazing as January was, February was maybe a little better. Towards the end of the month, I felt this little one's first movements. It was a super odd feeling in the sense that I couldn't tell what it was at first. It kind of felt like butterflies but maybe a little stronger. John and I also finalized a name and I started to work on his nursery. My belly and boobies were definitely getting bigger and sleeping was becoming a little bit more uncomfortable but I loved each second! He was most active at night. As soon as I would lay down and get into a comfortable spot, he would move around my belly. The sleepless nights of chasing every movement with my hands were so worth it. 
Month 6 [March]: This month by far has been my most favorite. March marked our one year wedding anniversary so to celebrate, we decided to go on a anniversary babymoon trip to Orlando. I finally had a noticeable bump, little man is more active by the day, and baby planning is in full affect. It is really funny how things feel like they change over night. I truly feel like I went to sleep and woke up with a huge belly. The little man was getting stronger by the day and showed it by kicking, stretching and flipping around my tummy. I found out that he reacted to ice cream so that quickly became a staple in our house. I also had a second ultrasound and again-full on ugly happy tears. He was just so precious all snuggled up in my belly. My cravings had subsided but my aversions were still very prevalent. Barbecue anything, meat, strong cologne and candles made me absolutely sick. Lucky for me, everyone around me was really good about helping me avoid all of those. 

Month 7 [April]: The start of April was a really hard for me. The last week of March, I had failed my Glucose test. So, the first week of April, I was scheduled to take my three-hour test which I also failed-you can read more about that ordeal here.- After getting over that hump came my baby shower! Julie and Jackie, who we chose as our godparents for little Noah threw me the most perfect shower. John's momma came in to town for the shower and we spent a ton of time at the baby stores which I loved! We met with our Pediatrician and finished a four-part baby class that the hospital put on. The class was called "Prepared Childbirth" and definitely helped to ease some of my jitters about what exactly to do when you go into labor. Towards the end of April this sweet boy gave us a tiny scare that landed me in the OB Emergency Care Center. He decided to get into a very comfortable position-for him that prevented me from feeling him move. After it had been almost 8 hours of me not feeling anything, I decided to go in and get everything checked out. The nurses were SO sweet and got me right onto a monitor and we heard his heartbeat instantly-whew! The rest of April was pretty quiet and full of kicks and belly rolls. 

Month 8 [May]: I kicked May off by making sure all of our hospital bags were packed as well as this sweet boy's car seat was installed into my car. We had our 8-month check up and ultrasound towards the beginning of the month. Back in the first ultrasound, my OB found out that Noah had a single umbilical artery, most babies have two. This was very rare and the worst side effect was that it typically caused for smaller babies. However, since I was also diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, these two worked hand in hand to create an ideal sized baby. But, as a precaution, May started biweekly OB testing at the hospital. I would go for about an hour twice a week and they would hook little man up to a heart beat monitor as well as a non stress test. Though the process was tedious, I was able to see this little guy twice a week for the remainder of the time he was in my belly. 

Month 9 [June]: welcome total nesting mode. from cleaning house to 3am kitchen reorganizations I was nesting hard. My due date was on the 29th and I wanted everything in tip top shape before Noah made his arrival. I was definitely feeling more large and in charge. I pretty much lived in maternity jeans or leggings and tanktops with a sweater. On Monday June 19th, I met with my OB. the bottom line of the appointment was that he wanted to induce me on June 23rd due to Noah's size. A mini mode of panic set in before total joy and excitement. I let the parents know and finished up the final things that needed to be done around the house. 

June 22, 2017: Welcome to the World John and I had gone to dinner with my parents, we went to Olive Garden and we talked about how 6 months prior we were sitting in the same restaurant telling them that they were going to be grandparents. After dinner, J and I headed home. We watched Fast 8 and some DVR shows before I started to get really uncomfortable. Every so often I started moving abruptly. He asked if I was ok and I said that I thought so. It was reaching 145am. We were about to head to bed when I jerked up from the couch. I asked him to download a contraction counting app. We started to count the sudden movements I was making and the app started alerting us that it was time to get to the hospital. As J was running around getting the odds and ends together I was leisurely straightening my hair in the bathroom. He came in about 15 minutes later and very sweetly asked if I could "please hurry up now before I have the baby in the car". As soon as I was done, we locked up the house and got into the car. Going down the highway I kept doing my breathing exercises and timing. We arrived at the hospital around 330 and by 345 they were admitting me to the delivery rooms. 

16 hours later, Noah Foley was born. You can find Noah's birth 'story' here

Being in labor and giving birth to my beautiful baby boy was absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I was very fortunate to have a fairly easy pregnancy and labor and am thankful for that every time I look at Noah. The journey to motherhood isn't always easy but it is without a doubt worth it. 


  1. I loved reading about how you felt each month! I love that you were straightening your hair before going to the hospital! I don't know what I would do in that moment but I probably wouldn't have been as calm as you, probably running around frantic! haha

  2. Aww sounds like a wonderful pregnancy experience. I am 24 weeks and loving it right now besides some back pain. I love feeling her move though!

  3. Aw! I love this post. You're going to look back on it years later and smile. :) Too cute!

  4. Awe i loved this! I want my pregnancy experience to be pretty symptom-less like yours and Noah is actually one of our names! I feel like it's kismet! Congratulations on your growing family <3


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