the start of something new

hello, is this thing on? things are a little dusty around here and I am definitely rusty when it comes to this whole writing thing. I am not sure what to say or where to even start.

at around 330am on an October night back in 2012, I got a weird urge to start a blog. I know there aren't many but I know that I still have a few OG followers who remember Bombshelled Glitter (insert covered eye monkey emoji here). my 21 year old self created a blog with a title based off the Bombshell perfume line from Victoria's Secret and glitter because well, who doesn't love glitter. the first half of 2012/2013 was a total learning curve for me in terms of how to even blog/what to blog about. come March 2013, I totally erased Bombshelled Glitter-like deleted the webface and the backup from the blogger platform and started Sarah Emily Blogs. I guess you could say that I wanted to be a little more sophisticated in the blogger community. from 2013 until the middle 2014 I spent most of my down time getting more comfortable with posting and promoting.  from 2015-2016 I met a lot of blogger besties, joined and founded a couple blogger groups, worked with some big named brands and completely fell in love with every aspect of blogging. 2017, my beautiful baby boy was born (more on that in the next post) though having a new baby does take up a lot of time, that is not the reason that Sarah Emily Blogs fell to the wayside.

in the beginning of  2017 I feel like I lost myself a little bit. I was very overly focused on the name of the brands contacting me, the stats and numbers I was hitting versus other bloggers I knew and well, the usual personal life problems we may all face from time to time. basically, I lost myself which in turn made me not want to turn to my little piece of the internet here. now that 2017 has almost come to an end (eek! how is this possible?), I have a six month old little man, some new found inspiration to always seek the positive in the world, and an amazing support system, I feel like I am ready to share on here again.

so, in the past after a break and a revamping of the blog, I would have a tendency to either revise all of my old posts to fit my current aesthetic or I would completely delete and then start fresh. I am not doing that any more. I feel like keeping my older posts and then starting new from this point forward shows the progress of Sarah Emily Blogs.

With a much needed revamp, a very excited feeling in my heart and a full cup of coffee, here is


  1. Welcome back, friend! :) happy new year!

  2. Welcome back. I have missed you oh so much but I know life has been busy and you've got that sweet little boy to fill your time now. I totally thought (and didn't blame you one bit!) that was the reason you've been gone but I understand the burn out. I went through it a little myself earlier in the year. Sometimes just taking time out to think about things and re-focus and stop playing the compairassion game is what you need.

    Cheers to a new year, doll! Glad to have you back!


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