5 Things I am Done With in 2018

1. living in the past. I feel like after every decision I make I question it or at night I will replay situations from days, weeks, months ago..I will lay there and for hours think about what I could've or should've done differently. once things are done and over, they are done and over. 

2. putting myself down. "if you could only see yourself through my eyes" is a statement I have said before and the other day it was thrown back at me-fairly so. it is so easy to critique yourself and especially after being told that you do this wrong or that wrong or you aren't good enough, it eventually gets hard to see your self worth. however, dwelling on what I am doing "wrong" takes time and energy that would be much better spent trying to become a better version of myself. 

3.making decisions out of fear. life is too short to do things or not do things because I'm afraid of things that may or may not happen. simple as that. 

4. trying to be a bionic woman. anyone that knows me, will tell you that I am stubborn. they are right. it don't like asking for help and even when I am at my wits, exhausted and broken down, I still try to do 1000 things on my own. especially with a tiny human to raise, I want to always be at 100% even if that means asking for help here and there because that is better than being at 50% and worn down. 

5. staying plugged in. in such a tech savvy world, it is hard to unplug sometimes. we have family all over who I want to share the cute things that Noah did with. I also tend to take pictures of everything like nonstop. though I love those photos, I want to live more in the moment and remember the memories made rather than post every part of what happened. I feel like this will make our experiences as a family more meaningful too. 

what do you want to stop doing this year?


  1. No. 5 on the list resonates with me so much. I've had several new opportunities at the beginning of the new year, and while I do feel grateful, I also doubt myself and my capabilities. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. #3 and #4 are things i'm also trying to do! Social media makes it so easy to compare ourselves to others and that really stresses me out! Lol

  3. Yes to all of these! I'm also not going to worry about things I can't change. If I can't change it, I can't change it. So why stress over it???

  4. These are all great things to stop in 2018! Comparing yourself to others is so hard not to do. I used to do it in the past and it only hurt me in the end. I am someone who likes to have things planned out as much as possible. Of course not everything goes as planned.


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