5 Ways Being a Mama Surprised Me

So, obviously, being a first time mom, everything is new and surprising. however, there are a few things that really surprised me about being a mom that I would have never expected.

it can be lonely. this wasn't the biggest surprise to me. when I first found out I was pregnant, I lost a lot of friends because they were always going out at night and I was in bed by 7pm. the loneliness  really hit me after he was born though. I mean, when you have friends without kids who's daily life struggles are that they are hungover while you are over here literally raising our future, it is hard to relate. however, every community has various mom groups and in my area, I have joined several of them and have made some very solid friendships. it is important to have a mom tribe. a group of women with similar priorities to vent to, bounce ideas off of and cry when you are up at 3am 5 nights in a row due to sleep regression. 

I have a tiny bff. again, this isn't the most surprising to me, because I have worked in childcare for 8 years and am a child development major but you may wonder, how can you feel like a seven-month-old is your friend? well, Noah's mini personality comes out when he "talks" to me and smiles when he opens his eyes first thing in the morning or after a nap. he will wiggle around in his carseat when I turn the music up a little louder to have a car jam sesh, he will giggle and laugh at me the whole time I am dying during a baby boot camp workout. due to J's work and school schedule, it is pretty much Noah and I all the time so we do everything together. 

It's been way easier than I thought it would be. Just before one of my last ob appointments, I was at lunch with my mom and I saw another mom similar in age to me with a pretty young baby. the baby was super fussy and she was trying to feed him while eating her meal and then the baby started to just totally freak out and had a massive meltdown. he then spit up everywhere like I mean everywhere! and I mean everywhere! I just remember feeling so sympathetic because it looked so stressful! 

but here's the thing...you figure it out. You just do. overnight, it has become second nature for me to make sure I have everything and more to prevent any situation from going south. like most things in life, it is better to have it and not need it rather that to not have it and need it. I make fun of myself because Noah's diaper bag looks like a preppers dream but, if we are out and he gets hungry, I always have extra bottles and pouches, if he spits up or has a blow out, I have 3-4 changes of clothes.  It becomes instinct to swerve out of the way so you don't get spit up in your hair. something happens and you just instinctively know all this stuff. 

it made me more laid back. I guess I thought the opposite would happen? before my tiny human arrived, I needed everything to have a plan. I would literally get in the worst mood watching the clock tick by the time we were suppose to be somewhere. however, now that he is here, he kind of calls the shots. if we have "planned" coffee with a friend but he is napping, we reschedule or cancel. we don't really have a strict schedule we stick to but I base my day off his needs. 

I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom. ok well, maybe not cool but I am still the same person I was prior to becoming his momma only with a tiny human sidekick. I still listen to country music non-stop like in the car, while I make dinner, when we play in his room and he wiggles to the music too. I still go to happy hours or out to lunch with friends. I still go to the mall all the time and he loves to sit in his stroller people watching. I still do yoga and blog and all the other things I loved doing before I became a mom. originally, I thought that becoming a mom meant giving everything up and changing the way that you live to accommodate a baby however, I now realize that Noah is very laid back and just compliments my life and the things I enjoy doing. 

if you're a mom, what are some ways it has surprised you?


  1. Totally agree with many of these points too! Motherhood really surprised me too ( esp with my second ha ) and being more laid back because I had done so much of everything before. :) Great tips!

  2. Motherhood completely surprised me!! sounds like you had some really great surprises which is awesome! You're doing great mama!

  3. I also had that "easier than I thought" experience when I had my oldest daughter. It did get harder. In fact, it got a lot harder when my son came along and we discovered he is autistic. But even through all the challenges we had with him, I never lost that feeling of "you just do it."

  4. I just love this post! I'm not a mama yet, but once I am, I'm sure all of this will become very true & real for me as well!

  5. Aww--this was really such a sweet post! And as someone who's about to embark on the motherhood journey, it's nice to hear "it's easier than I thought it would be," because I think sometimes all we hear is the message about how hard it is, and that can be a bit intimidating!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! These are so great. One thing that surprised me is my capacity to love a little one so much. There are also times though that I need me time!

  7. You're totally right about the closeness comment. I definitely feel as though my daughter has become my BFF! I wish you lived closer to we could be in each other's mom tribes!


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