Finding Joy

joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are

too often, I feel myself taking the simple things in life for granted. this year I am really trying to focus more on the little things and things that actually matter in life. I am finding joy in the little things. 

15 ways to find joy: 
1. gratitude. list what you are thankful for 
2. sing loudly. windows down, music up-trust me, it's great
3. compliment a stranger. it could turn someones day around
4. indulge. did someone say pizza and champagne for dinner?
5. finish a project you started. accomplishing something even if it is small is such a great feeling. 
6. watch a sunrise or sunset. enjoy the beauty
7. pay it forward. be the good you wish to see
8. hug someone close&for a long time. being in someones arms makes a heart happy
9. slow down. enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine
10. de-clutter. it is easier to focus in a clear space
11. yoga. traditional or goat yoga, it is good for the soul
12. be adventurous in your town. it is so easy to pass by the things you see day to day. take time to stop and appreciate them
13. try something new. you may surprise yourself
14. dance. like no one is watching
15. spend quality uninterrupted time with someone special. those are the moments that last 

how do you find joy?


  1. I am also trying to focus on the little things as well this year! There are so many things I take for granted for example a sunset or sunrise! So beautiful and I hardly ever take the time to sit back and look at it!

  2. I love it! I do 30 sec dance parties (stolen from Greys Anatomy) but they make me so happy!

  3. I love this list. I feel like i'm always rushing through life, busy to get to the next thing, place or task that I forget to slow down and enjoy life. I definitely want to spend more time checking out local places this year and journaling. I got the 52 Lists for Happiness book at Christmas and am going to start it. It'll be a great way to enjoy some down time and just reflect.

  4. I love going out to smell the rain, here birds chirping and flitting frosh bloom to bloom. I love the morning light and the nightlight hour. Love fresh air and grass under my feet. Nature has many gifts to offer

  5. I love this list! Yoga and dancing are my favorites :) I think that de-cluttering is so important to organization and getting things done.

    Beth ||

  6. I love all of these suggestion. Particularly the one about paying a stranger a compliment. I must admit I often find joy in snuggling with my dogs and indulging in my favorite foods!

  7. Love this! It put a big smile on my face, every morning my kids and I say what we are happy for, then have a dance party, then sing loud to Disney songs in the car on our way to school (because in the car we are all rock stars), then at the end of the day we have a dance party in the kitchen while cooking together, on Sundays we go exploring in our favorite park... You are right these thing do create Joy!!

  8. My favourite thing to do to instantly boost my mood is to smile to people around me and say "Thank you!"more often. It does wonders.

  9. I love watching sunrise / sunsets, particularly while I fly. Even yesterday, I was stopped in my tracks while noticing how pink the sky was on a miserably cold day. Instant mood booster!

  10. What a simple list - yet challenging to follow sometimes! I do typically find joy in most of the things you have listed, aside from the singing and dancing (well, maybe once in awhile!) I also have to be careful about indulgences, because that could get out of hand if I'm not careful!

  11. I totally agree with accomplishing projects. I find happiness by remembering to step back and just be present in the moment.

  12. Pizza and champagne sounds like a great idea. I'm also a big fan of riding around with the windows down. :)


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