Goals for the New Year

a quote that I came across while searching through pinterest was:

one day? or day one, you decide

I thought that this quote was perfect for the start of a new year because it is so true. life is all about viewpoints and I am a true believer that good things come to those who are optimistic and see the good.

I titled this post "goals" for New Year but now that I am sitting here typing this out, I feel like they should be more "hopes" over "goals" because 1, mom life and 2, I think that goals should always change so that you continue to grow instead of just reaching the goal you set and being done with it.

so, my hopes for 2018 are to

focus on gratitude daily.  I am not sure if this will end up being more of a reflection time before going to sleep or if I will write out a daily gratitude type thing in a journal or my planner

do more yoga. whether it be goat yoga, traditional yoga, or yoga on my mat while Noah plays on his mat, yoga gives me clarity and I mean, I buy so many yoga pants, might as well start actually using them for their purpose.

get rid of things that I no longer need or use. I would not go as far as to say that I want to be a minimalist but good lord do I have a lot of stuff. I want to donate clothes/makeup to a local women's shelter and then the random odds and ends to other people in our community that may need them.

make more of an effort to show my appreciation to the people that I appreciate. whether it be in random notes, cookie deliveries or a hug.

spend more time with people who make me happy. towards the end of 2017, I rid my life of things and people that were more negative than positive and I wish to continue on a road of happiness this year.

what are some of your goals or hopes for 2018?


  1. I'm on a mission to declutter too. I did a bunch last year, but know there is more that can be done. So many things around our home go unused- and other people could benefit form them!

  2. Spending time with those who make me happy instead of those who are frustrating sounds like a perfect goal!

  3. I can see you have put a lot of thought into these. Happy New Year!

  4. Do more yoga is on my list. I think a little more "me" time will enhance my family time.

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