My Amazon Prime Addiction

this post is written in collaboration with Amazon Prime member services. All opinions are my own.

unfortunately, we don't live in a big enough city to enjoy the joys of things like uber eats or really even just basic uber (we have like 2 cars for our area) however, we do have prime and that makes everything right in the world. I am pretty confident that our post man hates us because it is like a daily thing that he is delivering a neatly packed brown box with a black, blue and white prime label on it. 

so a few perks to being a prime member:
1. 2 free day shipping. 
I mean, it is 2018, who has the time for 5-7 day shipping?

2. prime photos.
this is a bloggers dream. with your membership, you get unlimited photo storage plus 5gb for videos and documents-no more overloaded iphone libraries of flat lays.

3. prime pantry.
I know I am in the minority when I say that I actually truly love grocery shopping but, prime pantry is awesome if it has been a crazy busy week and I just don't feel like battling the crowds or before the holidays because standing in a 25 minute line with a 6 month old at publix for a few things is not a good time.

4. amazon music.
so I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of amazon music at first glance but, it is basically spotify for free (with your membership) plus they have all the lyrics easily accessible so you aren't making up your own anymore.

5. amazon elements. 
if you are a mama, I highly suggest you check out amazon elements. they have a line of high end organic vitamins and baby wipes. the wipes are high quality and come in refill packs with a tub or flip top packs. they have sensitive, unscented and fresh scent.

prime items I am loving
sneakers// tshirt dress

diaper bag// wet bags

do you have a prime addiction? what have you been loving lately?


  1. I love my amazon prime! great picks!!

  2. there are so many prime benefits! I have no idea how one can't be addicted!

  3. ahhh i loveee amazon prime too! I just flew and the amazon music saved me!!

  4. I sure do love Amazon Prime. I feel like I'm always ordering from there.

  5. I love Amazon prime! I need to move my photos over.
    :) gwingal

  6. I'm addicted to prime too! They have such amazing prices and deals!
    Carly |

  7. I am a amazon prime addict!! Even at the store I pull out my phone to see if there is a better price on prime. Oh and I love the teeshirt dress I will have to order me some!

  8. I don't know how we survived without Prime. Dustin uses it to order Jeep parts ALL the time, and I order pretty much everything from washi tape to phone screen protectors to tampons!


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