Thoughts on January

january, the first month of a new year, you gave me an amazing start to 2018. you helped me find my mama tribe and led me to start making better choices for a healthier 2018. 

florida decided to participate in winter this year. if you are from here, you know that our winters usually consist of one day where it is socially acceptable to wear your sherpa pull overs but this year we had almost three weeks total of winter! unfortunately, I am fairly confident that our winter has come to an end-and I am very bitter about it. 

my itty bitty human is not so itty bitty anymore. Noah is now closer to being 1 year old than he is a newborn-excuse me as I am ugly crying over here and starting to plan a first birthday party-like what? how?? in january, he said "dada", learned to wave "hi/bye"-however he only does it when he wants to, army crawls like a champ, and still gives me all the drooly little dinosaur kisses I could ask for. 

this month has taught me, that I am way stronger than I think. starting baby boot camp has given me a new confidence. I was terrified going in because I can't even couldn't even do a push up but with some amazing support and motivation, I am stronger. 

I am excited to see what February has in store. I am trying to live more intentionally this year and do things that actually excite me and set my soul on fire. since starting baby boot camp, I am working on becoming more health conscious, thinking twice about what goes in my body, incorporating more essential oils and holistic remedies. I am working on networking with various businesses in Sarasota as well as other bloggers in this area. February, although a short month, is a month I am excited for. 

what are your thoughts on this month? 


  1. I love that you are really trying to do more on what makes you exited this year- as i am too! esp eating healthy!! you got this girl!

  2. January felt like it lasted forever! I'm glad it's almost over. The winter this year was so rough everywhere!


  3. Isn't it CRAZY how quickly our babes are growing?! Slow DOWN!

  4. It's awesome to be going into February excited for what the new month will bring! I always feel like January flies by--I blinked and it went from the new year to the end of the first month already!

  5. I, too, am working towards a healthier lifestyle in 2018 and being more conscious of what I eat.

  6. Funny, I just blogged yesterday about reflecting on January regarding what worked, what did NOT work, and what changes I need to make heading into February. Still working on that strategy! I think it's always a good idea to ponder such things frequently so we can always be moving forward and growing, for the sake of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


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