18 Things for 2018

something I am trying to be very conscious of in 2018 is to live more intentionally, instead of doing things because I should, I want to to things because I want to. I don't know if it is because I am now a mom, because I am getting older or because I have a new sense of motivation but, I really want to stop taking the day to day things for granted and really enjoy them!

I decided one way to help me do this is to create a bucket list for 2018

1. work towards being in better shape. I am not saying I want to get jacked but, I want to be healthy for myself and my little guy
2. pay it forward
3. reconnect with an old friend or family member
4. star gaze 
5. take a weekend trip to a new FL city
6. take Noah to Disney World
7.  explore new state parks/hiking trails
8. host a dinner party
9. watch the sunrise
10. watch the sunset
11. work on letting things go 
12. drop one bad habit
13. be a tourist around town
14. eat more locally- sorry cheesecake factory!
15. find a new skill or hobby
16. plant new flowers
17. go to a concert
18. enjoy every second of every day

what do you want to do in 2018?