5 Things SAHM Should Do Every Day

being a stay at home mom for the last three months has been such an amazing experience and I am so thankful that J was willing and able to move his work schedule around so that we could make it financially possible for me to stay home with Noah. 

I am not going to lie, before actually becoming a sahm, I thought that they had it made! I mean I am not saying I don't, spending all of my days with my little dinosaur is so rewarding but initially there was a challenge of knowing my 'worth' as a sahm. every day is different. some days I am able to clean the whole house, do 3 loads of laundry and have dinner ready before J gets home. other days, I am still in jammies and my coffee from 8am is on the counter with 3 sips taken out of it and completely watered down. 

as a sahm, there is a lot more to be done that we initially think and each day presents new challenges. the five things listed below are things that I believe every sahm should do daily to maintain her sanity and help know her worth! 

1. get dressed+ready. heres the between the lines, you are a mom yoga pants are pants. athleisure is a thing now so take advantage. I am saying we need to be all dolled up to go out to a bar but change out of your oversized jammie shirt, throw your hair into a top not, slap some mascara on and seize the day. you will feel better about yourself and feel more accomplished when in real clothes, I promise. 

2. leave your house at least once a day. wether it is to grab a coffee or to take a walk around the park, cabin fever is real y'all. don't get stir crazy. plus, your littles will appreciate it. 

3. make a "to-do" list every morning. every morning before getting out of bed, I make a to do list of 3-5 things I want to get done that day. even though they are obvious things like do a load of laundry, it is something that you can cross off a to do list and in turn feel a sense of accomplishment. 

4. spend time with your littles. you may read this and be like well yeah, no sh*t. but I don't mean just doing the obvious feeding them, changing them, etc. I mean sit down on the floor with them and play, take them outside and hunt for geckos, get them in the kitchen and have them help you make something yummy. 

5. have a dance party. every day. just do it. it's good for the soul. Noah and I always have ours while I am making dinner. i will put on spotify and we will jam while we prep and cook! 

being able to stay home with noah is such a blessing and something I will always be grateful for and I know looking back, Noah will be too.