8 Cheap Date Ideas

now that the craziness of the holidays is over, guess what is just around the corner? valentine's day! anniversaries, birthdays, and valentine's day are all great chances to love your special one a little extra. for some, it is about grandiose gestures and gifts but over here, a combination of time spent and physical touch trump all. if your love language is similar, keep reading for 8 creative and cheap date ideas!

have a fondue night. think melting pot but for way less than $145. grab a good bottle of wine, a good melting cheese, some dipping snacks and enjoy!

pile on the love. pamper your other half with a massage then write each other love letters and read them aloud

have a game night! a little competitive fun never hurt.

ask in depth get to know you questions over ice cream sundaes. check out this list here!

take a bubble bath together-enjoy a couples face mask too while you're at it.

rough it. start a fire, make a campfire dinner then finish with smores and cuddling under the stars

happy hour hop. we all know the best deals are between 5-7. pick a few places to grab a bite to eat and a drink at the best prices.

drive to nowhere. windows down, music up, no destination in mind. drive on all back roads and get lost in each other with questions, car karaoke, drive until you run out of gas, watch the sunset, fill up and head back home.

what cheap dates will you be enjoying this year?