a Day in the Life of a 6-Month-Old

after being in a preschool setting for 8 1/2 years of my life, it is ingrained into you to live by a routine. children need routines, routine routine routine! though I do not totally disagree, I do not totally agree. before having a child, you will brainstorm all of these "set in stone" ideas however, once that tiny human is actually here, they will all change. we are very go with the flow type people. though I do try to have noah nap at certain times because I know other wise he starts to get a little over tired, we have things scheduled throughout the week that sometimes hinder nap times or bed times. if he is absolutely not interested in a nap, then we keep playing until he is tired even if that means pushing back bedtime. for me, making memories with him and family time is more important than making him be in bed every night by a specific time.

a typical day for us looks like:
7-7:45 wake up/mama kisses/stories in bed with me
7:45-8 get ready for the day
8-8:30 8oz. bottle
8:30-10 nap time
10-10:30 brunch-pureed fruit and oatmeal
10:30-12 running errands/playtime
12-12:30 8oz. bottle
12:30-1:45 play time
1:45-3 nap time
3-4 play time
4-4:30 8oz bottle
5:45-6:30 bath time
6:30-7 dinner-pureed veggies/fish
7-730 night time routine (stories/songs)
7:30-8 8oz. bottle
8 down for the night

for the most part, this is what our day around here looks like. as I mentioned before, if something comes up or we are out running errands, we do alter the typical day without a worry. we are very lucky and noah is very easy going so altering his schedule to fit into the day at hand is never a big issue.

what is a typical day for you and your little?