February Notables

alaffia hair products. if you are a kinky, curly hair type girl like me, these products will be a godsend. I came across these by accident in whole foods. florida has graciously decided to bring on the 100% humidity early this year and my hair is not liking it. these products are all fair trade and they actually work to get the majority of the frizz out to leave you with a manageable mane!

one hope wine. most everyone knows the one hope brand for being the one with the over the top (gorgeous) glittery champagne bottles. aside from those fancy bottles, they offer all types of wines from pinot grigios to merlot. the amazing part about this wine brand (aside from the fact that it is wine) is that each bottle represents a different charity that they give a portion of the profits to. also, hayley hubbard (tyler hubbard from florida georgia line's wife) drinks their wine and well, I love her.

LipSense is absolutely worth all the hype. LipSense is a long wearing, kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof liquid lipstick and I am now a distributor! for more information, click here!